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2021.10.28 13:40 Abidul234 hahhaaa

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2021.10.28 13:40 Hard_Nipple_Boi Keep going!!!

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2021.10.28 13:40 StupidRedditorBTW What camera do you recommend for quite low light and pictures of my cat. A bit of zoom wouldn’t be bad either.

Budget: $800
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2021.10.28 13:40 DaBoy-DCL Is this Superman not what you wanted?

All we’ve been hearing for FIVE years is “Superman doesn’t do damage, he’s Superman, he should hit hard. Blah blah blah”
WB finally gives him the rework that actually makes him INCREDIBLY good and gives him the gear set needed to hit hard as EVERYONE has asked for for 5 years. And NOW people are mad that he dies too fast?
You can’t have it both ways, not how this game works… this Superman is better than the one we had and is way more annoying to face.
Thank you WB for the SURPRISE rework and for finally giving us the hard hitting Superman we all have been asking for since we first unlocked him.
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2021.10.28 13:40 Hairycrystalball Songbird meme manipulation

Dis Flare consider that manipulation can occur currently? Very surprised that the meme crowd hasn't capitalized on the SongBird SGB coin situation. The supply is very low. Only about 12 to 15% have been distributed because main exchanges have yet to release. It only trades in bitrue. Easy manipulation. There is an air drop Nov 5 for another coin EXFI to boot. I am earning huge interest because of the lack of distribution being decided by a small number of people that were lucky enough to be with a supporting exchange or on a cold wallet. Anyone else feel this way?
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2021.10.28 13:40 CheatMan Crimson Vow boxtoppers are bram stoker's dracula UBs

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS995oQnQAM at 29:25 mark.
Same as the Godzilla series in Ikoria, WotC is using boxtoppers to include Dracula Series foils. Identical to the godzilla cards but using characters and setting from Bram Stoker's Dracula.
Seems like an unlikely spot to reprint C17 Edgar Markov so there we go.
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2021.10.28 13:40 jembytrevize1234 Me, burned out, maintaining an open source code repository in my spare time, all by myself

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2021.10.28 13:40 Siddique50 This flower that bloomed on my succulent

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2021.10.28 13:40 P_For_Pyke TCGPlayer is Scamming Me

I placed an order on 10/10/21 and the order still has not arrived. I contacted the seller to let them know I have not received it, but I never heard back from them. I contacted TCG and they told me to allow 15 business days and to contact back 11/18/21, the 15th Business day. That's completely incorrect and that is what they are insisting in their email support. Tomorrow is literally the 15th business day, but they are telling me completely wrong information. That's over 30 days while they are saying to wait 15, this just doesn't make any sense and I'm not quite sure what to do.
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2021.10.28 13:39 Dodgiestyle These two buttheads

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2021.10.28 13:39 Hairymonkeytoe Hækkerup vil ikke inddrage politiet i sag om slettede sms'er

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2021.10.28 13:39 UbiSububi8 Lines that make you spit-take?

Mine remains “I enjoy his candor!”
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2021.10.28 13:39 stannenb TIL learned that in the 1967 "Blue Boy" episode of the thoroughly square police drama Dragnet, Blue Boy was modeled after a real individual at the 1966 Watts Acid Test, at which the Grateful Dead was the house band.

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2021.10.28 13:39 Davidsuploader [XB1] W: Moonlight Greatsword +0 or +1 H: Mule/Ask

Going for a early game sorc build. Gt is Davids Uploader
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2021.10.28 13:39 HarmonyTRE Alphys Week, Day 2: Spark

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2021.10.28 13:39 onepageanon Great Wraith - Concept Previews (https://www.patreon.com/onepagerules)

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2021.10.28 13:39 starlingrr finally finished my ball python and corn snake enclosures

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2021.10.28 13:39 leorising69 Nectar of the Gods reminds me of a Fleetwood Mac song

This sounds so much like a Stevie & Lindsey song to me. I hadn’t heard it before the album and it didn’t really stand out to me on my first listen, however I find myself falling more and more in love with it every day. It’s so beautiful. Anyone else fans of FM and pick up those vibes at all?
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2021.10.28 13:39 LisaMck041 Man making $40k/year bought $32m in Vancouver real estate via CCP-linked offshore accounts

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2021.10.28 13:39 u_whot You are trapped in a videogame till you die. What videogame do you choose?

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2021.10.28 13:39 chittypuns Kids Bike - used 2 seasons, stored indoors no rust. $60

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2021.10.28 13:39 Free-Olive-Now 20 Veganske Halloween Oppskrifter

20 Veganske Halloween Oppskrifter Happy Halloween alle sammen! Under har jeg samlet 20 oppskrifter som er veganske, enkle å lage og passer perfekt til Halloween. Den veganske godteri-guiden som jeg har laget finner du her om du ønsker å gi ut godteri til knask eller knep. Husk at CandyKing har veganske hodeskaller! Om du i tillegg har planer om å kjøpe alkohol finner du en god oversikt hos Norsk Vegansamfunn.
Vegansk Sjokoladepudding Jack O’ Lanterns
Med disse kan du enten lage god sjokoladepudding fra bunn av, slik det står under, eller du kan fylle de med noe så enkelt som Alpro Soyadessert Sjokolade eller Freia Sjokoladepudding. De finner du i de fleste dagligvarebutikker!
  • 4-6 store appelsiner
  • Saltstenger
  • 735 g plante-melk
  • 65 g kakao
  • 5 ss maisenna
  • 255 g lønnesirup (eller agave eller annen sirup)
  • En klype salt
  • 1 ts vaniljeekstrakt
Grønn Franken Smoothie
Om du ikke bruker innmaten fra appelsinene fra oppskriften over så kan du gjerne ha dem i denne smoothien. Ta vare på gamle syltetøyglass, da får du fine beholdere! Du kan tegne rett på glass med svart tusj, det kommer som regel av med et alkoholbasert rengjøringsmiddel (eventuelt håndsprit), men test først om du vil være sikker.
  • 1 + 1/2 frossen banan
  • 236 ml appelsinjuice
  • 105 g ananas (gjerne på boks)
  • 236 ml vann
  • 2-3 store håndfuller av spinat
  • 1-2 ss proteinpulver (kan sløyfes)
  • 1/2 avocado
Heksehatter i sjokolade og sopelime med lakris
  • Diplom-is vaffelkjeks
  • Marie kjeks
  • Saltstenger
  • Lakrissnøre
  • Mørk sjokolade
  • Litt sirup
  • Veganske marshmallows eller annet vegansk godteri
Spooky Matcha Energy Balls
  • 70 g Dadler
  • 50 g Mandler eller andre nøtter
  • 30 g Havre
  • 1/2 ts Matcha pulver
  • 1 ts Vanilje ekstrakt
Vegan Candy Corn Overnight Oats
  • 90 g havregryn
  • 237 ml plante-melk (gjerne med vaniljesmak)
  • 122 g plante-yoghurt eller silken tofu
  • 110 g mango
  • 100 g frossen moden banan
  • 132 g bakt søtpotet
  • En klype salt
  • Lønnesirup (kan sløyfes)
Mummy Cookies
  • 120 g vegansk sjokolade
  • ½ ss kokosnøttolje
  • 12 marie kjeks (eller gjerne hjemmelagde!)
  • 130 g melis
  • 4 ss plante-melk
  • ¼ ts vaniljeekstrakt
Monster Planteburger
  • 180 ml grønnsaksbuljong
  • 2 ss ketchup
  • 2 ss soyasaus
  • 100 g tørket soya (TVP)
  • 400 g linser
  • 1 ss paprikapulver
  • 150 g mel
  • Olje
  • 1 nori ark
  • 6 hamburgerbrød
  • En håndfull ruccola
  • 1 tomat
  • 1 rødløk
  • Vegansk ost (f.eks. Vegetardag Cheddar eller Go' Vegan Cheddar)
  • 6 stilker til paprika
Oreo Graveyard Mousse Pots
  • 86 g chiafrø
  • 4 ss kakaopulver
  • 1/2 ts kanel
  • 473 ml plante melk
  • 1/2 ts vaniljeekstrakt
  • 1 ss lønnesirup, agave eller annen sirup
  • 2 modne bananer
  • En pakke Oreos
  • Sjokolade og kjeks, til servering
  1. Skrap ut det hvite fra innsiden av oreoene.
  2. Ha chia, kakao, kanel og det hvite fra oreoene sammen i en stor bolle og rør godt.
  3. Tilsett deretter melken, vaniljeekstrakten, lønnesirup og bananer i bollen. Bland alt godt sammen.
  4. Legg puddingen i glass og la den avkjøle i minimum 2 timer (eller over natten).
  5. Ha den brune delen av oreoene i en pose eller blender og knus den til litt mindre biter.
  6. Strø på den knuste oreoen på toppen av puddingen.
  7. Bruk litt smeltet sjokolade til å skrive noe på kjeksene, for eksempel "RIP", og server!
Raw Halloween Kake
Halloween ovnsbakte grønnsaker
  • 2 søtpoteter
  • 2 store poteter
  • 4 gulrøtter
  • 3 rødbeter
  • 2 ss olje
  • En klype salt og pepper
  • 2 ss rosmarin
  • ½ hvitløk
  • 1 ts balsamico
  • 1 ts lønnesirup
Mumie Pølser
  • Pizzadeig eller butterdeig
  • 4 vegansk pølser, f.eks. fra Go' Vegan eller Naturli'
  • Vegansk rømme, f.eks. fra Q-meieriene eller Oatly
  • Oliven
Halloween Sjokolade & Gresskarkake med Oransje Cashew Smørkrem
Halloween Spøkelse og Jack-O'-Lantern Milkshake
Hvit spøkelse milkshake:
  • 100 g isbiter
  • 500 g vegansk vaniljeis
  • 2 ss sukker
  • 250 ml plantemelk
  • 1 ts vaniljesukker
Oransje milkshake:
  • Oransje iskrem (f.eks. Tonitto Mango & Pasjonsfrukt)
  • Plantefløte eller melk
Tips: Hvis isen din er mer gul enn oransje kan du tilsette noen røde bær og blende godt.
Til pynt:
  • Plantefløte
  • Vegansk strøssel (f.eks. Dr. Oetker Strøssel Mix eller Hennig Olsen Strøssel)
  1. Tegn med en svart tusj på plastkoppene eller på glass.
  2. Ha alle spøkelse ingrediensene i en blender og blend godt. Fyll milkshaken i glass.
  3. Fyll opp 1/3 av koppene med oransje is.
  4. Ta resten av den oransje isen i en blender og blend den godt sammen med en liten dæsj plantefløte.
  5. Fyll deretter opp den neste 1/3 av koppen med blandingen.
  6. Pisk krem og server på toppen av begge milkshakene. Strø på strøssel til slutt.
Black Widow Cocktail
  • 450 g ferske eller frosne bjørnebær
  • 1-2 skiver lime eller sitron (juice av)
  • 240 ml vann
  • 40 g sukker
  • 90 ml hjemmelaget bjørnebær saft
  • 60 ml vodka
  • Isbiter
Grønnsaks Halloween Pai
  • 3 ss olje
  • 50 g løk
  • 1 hvitløksfedd
  • 1 ts chilli
  • 220 g sopp
  • 600 g poteter
  • 170 g brokkoli
  • 1 klype muskatnøtt
  • Salt og sort pepper
  • 375 g butterdeig
Veganske Jack-o’-Lantern Fylte Paprika
  • 1 løk
  • 4 hvitløksfedd
  • 200 gram vegansk kjøttdeig
  • 1 rød paprika
  • 150 g mais
  • 200 g svarte bønner
  • 250 g kokt ris
  • 1 boks (400 g) tomater
  • 1 1/2 ts taco krydder
  • Salt
  • 6 oransje paprika
  • Vegansk ost, valgfritt
Sushi spøkelse av ris og nori
  • 8 dl sushiris
  • 0.5 dl riseddik
  • 1.5 ss sukker
  • 1 ts salt
  • 1 nori ark
Tips! Server gjerne med vegansk maki
Grønne og Lilla Monster Pannekaker
Tips! Pynt de gjerne med smeltet sjokolade eller Freia Sjokoladesaus
Vegansk Iskrem Batwiches
  • 272 g mel
  • 50 g kakao pulver
  • 1 ss maisenna
  • ¼ ts salt
  • 1 ts bakepulver
  • 1 ts sort kakao eller aktivt kull (for å få fargen mer sort, kan sløyfes)
  • 113 g plante-smør eller kokosnøttolje
  • 200 g sukker
  • 2 ts vaniljeekstrakt
  • Ca. 60 ml plante-melk
  • 1,4 L vegansk is
350°F = 175°C
Spindelvev gresskar suppe
  • 25 g vegansk smør eller olje
  • 1 stor løk
  • 500 g gulrøtter
  • Juicen fra en appelsin
  • 1 liter grønnsaksbuljong
  • Vegansk yoghurt, rømme eller silken tofu til servering
  1. Fres løken i smør til den er duftende. Ca. 10 minutter.
  2. Ha alle de andre ingrediensene i gryten og kok i 20-25 minutter til gulrøttene er helt myke.
  3. Bruk en blender og blend til den er smooth.
  4. Ha yoghurten gjerne i en spruteflaske, en tom ketchupflaske fungerer også. Lag en spiral, start i midten og lag sirklene helt ut. Ta en tannpirker og lag streker ut fra midten så får du et spindelvev motiv!
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2021.10.28 13:39 Emotional-General-49 secret lab 2022 cookies and cream #secretlab

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2021.10.28 13:39 canychen1 36f hopes to find friends of the same age or to develop more relationships.

Hello everyone.
I live in California. I have been trying to change the status quo, but everything seems simple. In some uncertain times, I became very bad.
About me-I am an independent woman. I have a failed marriage, and I always believe that people who like to gamble must not have a unique love. My predecessor was a gambler and lost everything in just a few months. I think this is very sad. So I don't like gambling. After the divorce, I moved to this legendary city. I have my own business and my own unique and clean friends. I usually like sports. Travel, golf, swimming, reading, food and shopping, etc.
I have no feelings for life, but to be honest, my recent work and life are a bit bad for me, so I am looking for someone. I am an optimist, but because I passed and let myself not relax, I want to change myself and hope to contact some friends. I live in Los Angeles because I can't see my friends. I hope I can make more friends in the United States or Canada. After the epidemic, we can eat something meaningful. I am 36 years old. I believe that many people will mature and experience this era. Due to my work, if I haven't recovered for a long time, please forgive me, it doesn't mean that I don't want to talk, it's just for me. Say that my current job is everything to me. However, I will try my best to maintain the dialogue.
I hope everyone can learn to save their own difficulties, believe me, this is good for you.
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2021.10.28 13:39 BroomesPhotography Terwilliger Falls, Oregon

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