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Hahahah vpn

2021.10.28 13:43 WyborneRebranded Hahahah vpn

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2021.10.28 13:43 emortep Gum irritation

So I bought 2One 6mg pouches yesterday, and I’ve only used half the can and I’m getting gum sores. Mind you, this is my first time ever using nicotine pouches (trying to quit vaping) and my gums aren’t used to nic salt, so maybe that’s the reason? Anyways, it burns like a bitch when I use em and there are white spots and redness forming around where I park em. I’m going to start putting them in the lower lip instead of the top. Is this normal and should I be concerned?
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2021.10.28 13:43 da-spryguy I saw this and figured it would be appreciated here.

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2021.10.28 13:43 KrazyCries Need help, my neighbor hit my parked car, I have questions about his insurance company and total loss.

Hello, any help would be much appreciated, I am currently with Progressive auto insurance, my neighbor backed into my car as it was parked. He gave me his insurance card (GEICO) I then submitted the claim to my insurance, they got the claim started with GEICO and now waiting for the adjuster to give the estimate. I drive a 2006 Acura TL which had a couple of fender benders from previous owners, some dents. My neighbor hit the rear of my car. They mentioned total loss could come up if they deemed it more expensive than the cars value. What are my options here if they lowball me? Also can I counter offer this if they do? Is GEICO likely to automatically just total my car? Also can my insurance company (Progressive) fight for me if the outcome is not favorable since this wasn't my fault? I had several estimates of the damage myself which were around 2500 before taking it into GEICO. Neighbor dented and cracked the rear bumper and dented the trunk, which will no longer open. I don't have much knowledge on these matters, so any help you can offer would be much appreciated on what my options are and what I can do if the outcome is not favorable. Thank you and hope you all are staying safe and God bless!
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2021.10.28 13:43 Near_River21 When did you lose all your respect for your professor/teacher?

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2021.10.28 13:43 ShitFauxBrains The country’s shot.

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2021.10.28 13:43 Dunk_May_Mays The B and N keys are right next to each other, and that's a big problem.

And that problem gets bigger and bigger every day
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2021.10.28 13:43 VOJ-ikon :/

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2021.10.28 13:43 Smokioly What do you think about tiktokers?

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2021.10.28 13:43 mxcnmn Getting a master’s degree just for the sake of having one is one of the worst practices of modern society.

(Need to note it first: English is not my native language so sorry in advance for any mistake.)
Don’t get me wrong. Entering a master’s degree program with the intention of learning and deepening your knowledge is absolutely fantastic. Is what master’s degrees are meant for. But in the past 20+ years a lot of people think that getting a master’s degree is a must, and enter programs that usually have no application in their line of work, just because it will look nice in their CV. In countries where they are not free, such thinking creates an offedemand scenario that makes them extremely expensive, thus, a huge financial liability which prevents people that might actually need it/take advantage of it from getting such degree, or, in the contrary, forces them into debt in order to afford getting one.
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2021.10.28 13:43 Turn-I-upp Leggy aloe

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2021.10.28 13:43 reddit_feed_bot NewsMax: Ted Cruz Poses for Photo with a Man Holding 'Let's Go Brandon' Sign

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2021.10.28 13:43 AceArtist214970 Why does my sibling do this

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2021.10.28 13:43 MinieCorn [SELL] G-10 M-Lok Covers 2 and 3 slot (OH)

I'm finally back, took a while, but I finally revamped my design a little and designed a 3 slot cover. So now I have 2 slots available in black, grey, and coyote brown. And 3 slot covers available in black and coyote brown.
The design has been thinned down a little, which can be seen on the bcm rail at the bottom of the gallery. They will fit together in multiple configurations.
These are all cut on my CNC machine and are made out of G10 composite. All of the materials and hardware are made in the USA.
This frag texture is grippy without being sharp and provides great grip, looks, and heat protection. The thickness is now uniform between the colors and lengths. Each panel will come with the proper hardware.
3 Slot Any color - $18 each or a pair for $30
2 slot any color - $15 each or a pair for $25
Shipping is included
Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/j6ru9Kh
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking!
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2021.10.28 13:43 cynicalcatz Help needed - spss will install but wont open

So I've downloaded spss statistics via my university and finally gotten it installed. The problem is that now whenever i click to open it it just takes me to the installation process again, even when i open it as an administrator. Any ideas how i can fix this and open the software ? Thanks for any help
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2021.10.28 13:43 JHD1221 I graduated in May. I’m about to do a three hour evidentiary hearing, crossing three cops, in a felony case without supervision and at some point during that hearing the results of the bar come out.

Welcome to public defense people.
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2021.10.28 13:43 Emiliaeriksson Jag säljer fot bilder det bara skriva🥰

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2021.10.28 13:43 theredeye45 Day 4 of spooky spirit scenes until Samhain. Giving your KoSoES Headsmans Judgement and going character hunting feels like:

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2021.10.28 13:43 saturnfanmad Cathy is so gorgeous

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2021.10.28 13:43 jumbledash This fluffy guy deserves love, too!

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2021.10.28 13:43 CallMeBabaYaga Adjusting the life Staff in the wrong places

The Mending & Blissful Touch was not the issue with the life staff…that shit barely healed and was mainly used for topping off health (98 health to 100)
The main issue is the stupid ass armor system y’all made…make it so that when you have heavier armor on you get a higher DECREASE in SELF HEAL.
- Light Armor = 20% Outgoing Healing Bonus
- Medium Armor = 10% Outgoing Healing Bonus / 10% Damage Reduction / -10% to -15% Self Heal Bonus
- Heavy Armor = 20% Damage Reduction / -20% to -25% Self Heal Bonus
I think the main issue arose when people learned about how fucked up the perks were IN EVERY ASPECT of the game. Bonuses were not working or doing a totally different bonus than what it said.
Healers weren't seeing a beneficial difference in the Healing Bonus of the Lighter Armors so they all opted for the Heavy Armor Damage Reduction. THAT Damage Reduction AND the ability to SELF HEAL while in that armor is the issue people are having with fighting Healers.
A healer who is FULLY Spec'd into healing should be able to heal and keep himself alive why? because that's his job. BUT you should be able to be brought close to death or die by a DPS build BUT if they miss a shot/hit they that should be your moment to healer back up.
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2021.10.28 13:43 Uhl3na Anyone going to the Charlotte NC show? I’m wanting to go but none of my friends want to.. my insta is uhl3na dm me if you are interested in being concert buddies!

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2021.10.28 13:43 whitebearpr The Society of Composers & Lyricists, in association with White Bear PR & EA Music Present GAME CHANGER SEMINAR SERIES FROM GAMING TO GIGGING:

BREAKING INTO SCORING FOR VIDEO GAMES AND BREAKING DOWN NON-LINEAR COMPOSING with Jongnic Bontemps, Stephanie Economou, and Pedro Bromfman moderated by Sarah Kovacs (Kraft Engel Management)
MONDAY, NOVEMBER 112:00-1:30pm PT // 3:00-4:30pm ET YouTube Live Stream
Join us for a discussion on how to break into the world of scoring for video games, personal experiences in gaming, and the major differences between composing for linear narratives for Film & TV vs. nonlinear narratives for Games.
Registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/scl-seminar-game-changer-series-from-gaming-to-gigging-tickets-198644730737?fbclid=IwAR1tN8sPkkUnHFCH-fTyKW7vi7OOXwpMMV45_S8K78atdYdZQS02C5GECg4
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2021.10.28 13:43 terrifiedoforgo Immunology

I am still working on my undergrad degree and I noticed most pre-dental students take the immunology class even though I have never seen it in any dental school reqs and it is not a requirement for their degree either.
Should I take this class? I really don’t want to because it is a really hard class that can bring your GPA down and I don’t see why would I have to take it, but I’m concerned it might affect me if I don’t take it.
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2021.10.28 13:43 Disorderly2005 Been on darkest dungeon for a couple of weeks now and lovin it so here’s some fan art

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