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I have 650 million coins right now. What are my chances of becoming a millionaire?

2021.10.28 15:27 saiaf I have 650 million coins right now. What are my chances of becoming a millionaire?

What are my chances of becoming a millionaire if I don't plan to sell for at least 2 years? I own 650 million Shiba currently. Do you think I have a 20% chance of becoming a millionaire, 40% chance, 80%?
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2021.10.28 15:27 7hsnjmkwa Rate my sci-fi magic system

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2021.10.28 15:27 VinniKrg é dahora um narguilin ?

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2021.10.28 15:27 Purenight Playing on several devices....

I have a chrome book, iPad, and iPhone. So the game is locked to one device and if I want to transfer it to another I had to spend all my crystals before I do? This seems wrong somehow to me. Am I missing something? Most games I play let you log in with a password or email, I must be missing this right?
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2021.10.28 15:27 triniroots Trinidad Land Question

This might be random, but I'm wondering if anyone here has suggestions.
My mother, the youngest of 13, was from Trinidad and moved to Canada in her 20s. The rest of her siblings remained in Trinidad. Together, they jointly owned small parcels of land that they sold over the years. As my aunts and uncles passed away, their land rights passed down to my cousins. My mother passed away a few years ago, and we recently discovered an old deed for what appears to be the last parcel of land (15 acres somewhere outside of Port of Spain).
I have no clue how to find the address of the land (the deed doesn't have anything that looks like an address), or its value. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could start? Can I do searches remotely over the internet? Or should I find someone in Trinidad to help?
I think if I knew the location and value of the land, I could then decide if it's worth hunting down my cousins (have no idea where most of them are) and seeing if I could convince them to sell the land.
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2021.10.28 15:27 GlockFamilia Ms sapphire y amiga

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2021.10.28 15:27 ZeroThunderbolt ( ՞ਊ ՞)

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2021.10.28 15:27 Kryssislove [A][EU][HC][PVP] is Recruiting for FRESH Season of Mastery

< who > is a guild made up of experienced Classic WoW players, built from the project. In preparation for SoM we reached out to various previous classic guilds and communities to form a dominant roster that currently fields a team of three raids. With Season of Mastery nearing its launch we are now seeking additional dedicated and likeminded players that want to be a part of a well grounded guild that aims to dominate the open world, have efficient quality raids, while simultaneously having fun and great banter.

Raid Times:
Our goals:
A main ambition is to pursue personal enjoyment while ensuring quality in gameplay. This will represent itself with a focus on PvP endeavours; such as in dominating Un'goro, Gurubashi, BRM, World Bosses, Ranking & Scarab Lord. Efficient raids and clearing content fast are additional considerations.

The Vision:
Build an environment where people play for the team and not only themselves. Where our members also want to take part in open world events to dominate the server.

Rules and Expectations:
· Engineering is required on every character in the guild
· Full consumables is required for raids and mass PvP
· Summoning: Every member is required to have a lvl 20 lock a few months into the game. These are mainly for World Bosses, we will run to raids together
· Epic mount: Epic mount is required in the main raids and is your first priority when you reach lvl 60
· Guild events are mandatory for everyone in the guild, including socials. (only applies if you have the possibility to log onto the game)

Join and apply today!
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2021.10.28 15:27 Last_Zer0 Cheap 1 bedroom / studio apartments around Ames for 2022-2023

Just as the title says I’m looking at moving into a 1 bedroom apartment for a cheap and looking for recommendations. I’ve looked on apartments.com and seeing if there were other options.
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2021.10.28 15:27 Brief_Succotash_1752 [Ch. 248 Spoiler] This scene is too lewd for me... seems because it's Suzu (anyway I appreciate it)

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2021.10.28 15:27 Glass-Pineapple-Cat Do you have a 'Dren'?

Remember Shaggy... "it wasn't me!"
Dren is the perfect scapegoat. Act a fool? It wasn't me! It was 'Dren'!
Got me thinking that maybe I need a 'Dren' and curious as to if any of you guys have an evil twin that you blame your indiscretions on?
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2021.10.28 15:27 shpdg48 Republican attorneys general criticize Biden vaccine order


JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Twenty-one Republican state attorneys general sent a letter to President Joe Biden on Wednesday saying they think his COVID-19 vaccination mandate for federal contractors "stands on shaky legal ground," is confusing to contractors and could exacerbate supply-chain problems.
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2021.10.28 15:27 WeekExciting8493 🐕 BallisticShiba 🏀 | 7% rewards in $SHIB every hour | Launching Now| Anti Whale | Liquidity Locked | 100x potential or more 🚀

Are you tired of rugpulls, scams, and honeypots? Today we present you to $ShibaBalls!
$ShibaBalls has just fair launched and is a $shib reward token that treats you with 10% distribution per transaction and gives you SHIBA-tokens directly into your wallet! Also it adds to the liquidity with 3% to ensure static growth of the project.
The token will have tons of upcoming marketing so your investment will increase! The yield generating mechanism will help provide enough liquidity to buy bigger amounts in the future and also increases the token value and helps us build the project further.
Our Tokenomics:
100,000,000 Total supply
3% max wallet to ensure no whales
Our Tax is 10% for buy and sell:
7% in SHIBA reward
1% to locked liquidity pool
2% to marketing and buyback
Contract: 0x8a96ae1d5fbc0a28154a26140aaee5c0a05e25c0
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x8a96ae1d5fbc0a28154a26140aaee5c0a05e25c0
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x142d062a2f1716d851b358881c25B9faEB42d7c0
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8a96ae1d5fbc0a28154a26140aaee5c0a05e25c0#readContract
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2021.10.28 15:27 dydgdfgsdgeg A figure skater…

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2021.10.28 15:27 bryani8 do u guys sculpt or model . what has the most benefits to help you

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2021.10.28 15:27 amatom27 [Heyman] Twins are hiring David Popkins to be their hitting coach. He was a hitting coach for Dodgers in minors.

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2021.10.28 15:27 Zewen_Senpai Lilith [original]

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2021.10.28 15:27 MrsAnon22 Xur? Where on earth is he?

Title says it all. Have an exotic catalyst but like most things, there’s no description as to where I might find him…
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2021.10.28 15:27 DaNewChamp iOS 15 Push notifications not working

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2021.10.28 15:27 puzzlehead989999 [Serious] what is the creepiest cult in human history?

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2021.10.28 15:27 OaklandRhapsody Magnet Hospitals

Have you ever worked in a Magnet designated hospital? If so, what were some of the benefits and drawbacks? Did you feel more valued as a nurse?
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2021.10.28 15:27 Adeptus_Gedeon Pokrętni bogowie - koncepcje

Zapraszam się do zapoznania z moim artykułem zawierającym kilka koncepcji bóstw do wykorzystania w RPG. Każda opis zawiera pewien haczyk i zwrot akcji powodujący, że dane bóstwo okazuje się nie być takie, jakim się zdaje swoim wyznawcom - i pomysły, jak można to wykorzystać w scenariuszu przygody.
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2021.10.28 15:27 rudiiiiiii Porcupine Tree on Twitter… holy fuuuuu

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2021.10.28 15:27 OkResponsibility1393 Quick question for madders

is there a mod that changes only attack speed for warriors normal attack, if not where is the file that controls attack speed for warriors. I really like warrior class and can't get used to slow normal attack speed.
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2021.10.28 15:27 eagll3lye A beach trip.

Hello everyone, I’m not sure which subreddit is better suited for this kind of things, but I wanted to share this strange dream I had a couple of nights ago, it seems like a short story though. you see sometimes I’d have strange vivid dreams that are so immersive I’d get lost in them and would feel like some sort of a movie or another life I’m living, I wanted to share this one with you guys.
"It starts when I received a phone call from "some friend" telling me to come over for whatever reason I can't remember.
All I can remember from the travel is that I didn't land in an airport but rather some sort of dock surrounded by small houses that seem Dutch; mostly brown and red. It didn't seem that there was anyone else at the place. It was right after the sunset, the sun is not visible at all but at the same time the sky is still bright enough to see even with a little light like that, you would also see that calm soothing warm light coming from light poles around the dock and the town, the sky itself is orange at the horizon with a beautiful mixture of red and pink tints that I can't describe fairly all over the rest of it, the water is almost a mirror having the same color as the sky but with a darker tint but at the same time you could see the gentle ripples in the water from the waves like a small lake. the whole mood was pretty beautiful and soothing.
I found a close friend waiting for me at the docks. When he saw me, he smiled, we embraced and he told me "Hey, you finally arrived how are you doing?" after chatting for a while he told me “Let’s go to the camp the whole gang is already there".
We started going there on foot and almost as we began walking, it started to snow very gently. the camp is on a beach, it has raised cabinets with stairs, it was economical camp and the quality was not a thing but the place was blast nevertheless, When you continue walking past the cabinets till you reach the beach you would find the place is a bay surrounded from the left what appears to be a formation of rocks that makes some sort of a low-level headland, beyond that to the left seems to be nothing at all, an abyss, the edge of the world, something like that sort, I didn't bother to find out and it didn't seem to have any impact on anything. From the right, you'd see the extension of the beach and you would also be able to see the city skyline on the horizon with all its lights and buildings and skyscrapers.
As almost as we arrived at the camp I began to question where I even am and how did I end up here very quickly, but I was interrupted by something magnificent. For the first time in my life, I saw the northern lights in real life, I was so captured by it that I forgot about anything else and started to further proceed to the beach for the best view I can get, I quickly grabbed my phone to preserve this memory and started filming what was happening. Apparently, the northern lights didn't work as I've known my whole life; even though the sun was still responsible for it but how it comes to be is different; A great fire in the sky is spread like a dragon breathing fire, it was green and orange in the same time in a way I can't really explain, it kind of explodes at the end and when the fire calms down, the northern light spreads everywhere, it happened simultaneously all over the sky, that was really mesmerizing moment that seemed so magical and out of a fairytale. A lot of people already gathered to watch and film these lights, I told my friend that seeing these lights was always on my bucket list and I didn't want to die before seeing them.
At that moment I got a spine-chilling realization that this could mean I would die very soon, but fortunately, it faded right away when I got this other thing to think about. you see, I was still feeling lost and the urge to find out where I am and what is this place kicked in. I asked my friend where are we but before he could even open his mouth, I cut him and told him “Wait I'll check the sky for the big dipper to try and find out, for some reason I thought I could locate which country I was at by checking the attitude and longitude of the constellation, I started staring at the sky but didn't recognize any of the constellations I saw, it seemed like the whole sky was replaced with another. When I looked at the sky once again and the northern lights caught my eye I told myself "I must be on a Finnish beach to be able to see those", I then looked at the headland on my left and saw these burning cabinets surrounded by dead pine trees and at that moment I told myself oh look at the architecture of these cabinets we are certainly in Finland, the cabinets on fire seem to not bother anyone, no one was even panicking or trying to do something to put it off, like they were always in this state since the beginning of time always, on fire never burnt or damaged. I then looked at my friend and told him "Hey, are we in Finland?" he chuckled and said, "no, this is Slovakia". it felt pretty weird for me even for a dream. oddly for some reason, I thought it was funny to tease everyone and to start calling it Czechoslovakia instead and decided to add this name as a location for any future photo I'd upload.
Later on, I met up with many friends and colleagues from the time of college, we talked a little bit catching up with each other and reminiscing about the old days. meanwhile, the northern light had faded away as if it was a part of a welcoming ceremony for the new people joining the camp, something like a fireworks shows, the sky started to clear out as clear as it can get, all the bright stars started to shine and glow, the sky was full of them, it was a real masterpiece with patches of pink and dark purple here and there, like the ones you would typically see in nebulae. I was so captured at the moment and kept on staring at the sky until a time I fell asleep.
when I woke up it was already early in the morning, I was on a sofa by a porch looking at the sea while covered with a blanket, It was daylight so I could now see things better, the sea was very dark grey and the sand was fine and white, there was also this cool breeze in the air, it felt slightly chilly but not cold enough to bother you in any way, the sky was covered with a thick layer of grey clouds, The mood was of that of a lazy winter day when you would skip school for no reason and would stay in your bed all morning covered in sheets to keep warm while drinking hot cocoa and watching cartoons while all people around you are going by their business. I got up and walked towards a table where my friends were gathering, they already started having their breakfast and no sooner than that I joined them, we were all eating charcoal-grilled fish and only that, they asked me to finish up fast so we could go for a swim because at the end of the day we would all be returning to our homeland. I was confused and asked "why so soon?" to which they replied that they only could reserve for two days, I shrugged and said whatever. After finishing my breakfast, we were ready for a swim. I stopped them and said "wait, the weather is too cold, we can't swim in this water", they chuckled and said "don't worry, that's the beauty of this place, the water is always warm", I deduced there must be some sort of geysers or hot springs at the seabed. When I saw a couple of strangers already swimming so I was comfortable with the idea of swimming, but didn't seem to ever join my friends for whatever reason. I started strolling along the beach line instead, watching different people gathering and doing different activities and enjoying their time."

At one point I released I was dreaming but decided to force myself to continue this dream and not to wake up, it was too great to give it up so early, I wanted to finish my last day there first, because of that there seems to be a gap between what already happened and what comes next.

"I found myself in a room of ours inside the cabinet with a bunch of different friends than those I had breakfast with, we joked and talked and laughed until it was lunchtime, we sat and started to eat fish again, I thought to myself "That’s weird, it seems like this is the only dish of this place". While we were eating some stranger started talking about the city we're at and its history, at this point I realized I never got the chance to see the actual city and don't know the slightest thing about it, I told my close friend that we should head there before leaving today for sightseeing and visiting a mall and stuff, he smiled and carried on eating as if what I'm saying is not possible to be done.
Things get hazy from here, different events happened here and there, talked to different friends and did different stuff, but it all had a common theme, It seemed like I was saying goodbye to this great place and enjoying my last moments in it, one thing I remember is that I found my close friend mingling with an acquaintance from the school days whom I hadn't seen in about 10 years, they never knew each other before, I sat close to them and asked how do they even know each other, we chatted and at one point I decided to tell them this interesting that they both have, a mutual friend "which they really do have in real life".
My last moments that I can remember in this place is when the night had come, and we began to see the northern light once again for the last time before leaving, we were all silent and we stared at it like we are being hypnotized, it still had captured me as if I am seeing it for the first time, and left me lost in the moment for one more time."
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