quem usa óculos de grau??

2021.12.06 03:02 PantojaRe quem usa óculos de grau??

Não é piada.
Na hora da transa, vocês transam de óculos? Eu geralmente tiro porque embaça, mas fico com uma dificuldade de enxergar as expressões da companheira sem eles. É um impasse meio bizarro de se ter, mas é tipo transar de meias no frio.
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2021.12.06 03:02 rohanpaleri Which non-avenger MCU movie do you think is the best and why?

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2021.12.06 03:02 madman1101 It's finally here!!!

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2021.12.06 03:02 trimaximusrt What did you learn this weekend?

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2021.12.06 03:02 Nuttin_but_taco Officially starting my fasting and weight loss. Weight training 5×5 5 days a week, 1 hour of stationary bike 5 days a week. Gained 50lbs in a bad depressive episode. 21 years old 6'1". Doing 18:6. SW: 252lbs GW: 200.

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2021.12.06 03:02 rBitcoinMod Mentor Monday, December 06, 2021: Ask all your bitcoin questions!

Ask (and answer!) away! Here are the general rules:

And don't forget to check out /BitcoinBeginners
You can sort by new to see the latest questions that may not be answered yet.
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2021.12.06 03:02 bitchy_cookie No contact feels unbearable

Last night was the last straw for me in my abusive relationship. There was sexual violence and my ex threatened to leave me if I wouldn’t have sex with him before I get my IUD. I recently had to have an abortion and I’m petrified to have sex until I get on the proper birthday control. Anyways, he flipped out over this and scared me. He was screaming at me and at one point was telling me how mad he was when he was on top of me. This relationship has been extremely hard and there also was DV. He lied to me about his age and about his past too. I didn’t find out about his age until recently. I think I stuck around so long because I was abused as a kid and my parents never knew how to show me love. I’ve read that people with past abuse tend to get into abusive relationships. I’m reading a book on this, and just trying to understand everything.
Anyways- He sent me an email apologizing for everything and I responded later today ending it. As abusive as he is, why is no contact so hard? Why can’t I just be ok without this person in my life? I’m truly hoping these lonely feelings will fade and I’ll get over him. Will that happen? What is wrong with me?
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2021.12.06 03:02 rocky5020 Katiana Kay Doggystyle and Squirting Porn Video

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2021.12.06 03:02 NoodlyManifestation Possible bearish case to consider

What if omicron turned out to only cause mild symptoms? Then main stream narrative declares that the pandemic is over. The Spanish flu only lasted two years, by the second year it has turned into a normal seasonal flu.
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2021.12.06 03:02 kqfalala Feeling like a Santa elf with this Everglade Green Invigorates 🎄, Black / Red Merlot Reversible mesh 1/2 Zip + Sweet Awakenings bra color combo 🖤🍷

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2021.12.06 03:02 crazycouponman FastAf: Get $20 off your groceries with code NILAY3496

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2021.12.06 03:02 Noctua_Albus Mirror

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2021.12.06 03:02 autotldr 15 dead as Indian villagers clash with army in northern region

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 54%. (I'm a bot)

Angry villagers burned army vehicles in protest after more than a dozen people were killed by soldiers who mistakenly believed some of them were militants in India's remote northeast region along the border with Myanmar, officials said Sunday.
An army officer said the soldiers fired at a truck after receiving intelligence about a movement of insurgents in the area and killed six people.
As irate villagers burned two army vehicles, the soldiers fired at them, killing nine more people, the officer said on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to talk to reporters.
Army soldiers fired live ammunition at the crowd, killing two more people, police and a local student leader, Yuwong Konyaki, said.
An Indian army statement said it "Deeply regretted" the incident and its aftermath, adding that "The cause of the unfortunate loss of lives is being investigated at the highest level and appropriate action will be taken as per the course of law."
The army officer said the soldiers had laid an ambush for a week following intelligence that insurgents were planning to attack soldiers in the area, 400 kilometers east of Gauhati, the capital of Assam state.
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2021.12.06 03:02 PallorAlgor I would just like some insight. It's been about 8 months now and I get waves of breathless despair.

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2021.12.06 03:02 DrafiMara Sooth.

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2021.12.06 03:02 Morgan-992 Scraper Design: The top of the bowl brush has a robust scraper, which can easily scrape off sticky and stubborn food and stains, which is very suitable for cleaning baked goods. Soap Dispensing: The kitchen brush is equipped with a large-capacity dispenser, which can dispense soap as needed by pres

Scraper Design: The top of the bowl brush has a robust scraper, which can easily scrape off sticky and stubborn food and stains, which is very suitable for cleaning baked goods. Soap Dispensing: The kitchen brush is equipped with a large-capacity dispenser, which can dispense soap as needed by pres submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 03:02 Ralfop Hanging Kitty Spoon FEATURES: Cute kitten spoon Hangs onto your cup Stainless steel Multiple colors available Size: 11.5cm long Our Guarantee: – Tracking number for every order – Safe payments via Paypal® – 24/7 assistance – No hidden fees!

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2021.12.06 03:02 Adam-best Foldable Dual Comfort Cushion Lift Hips Up Seat Cushion Orthopedic Support: Dual-shaped ergonomic design recommended by orthopedic surgeons for treatment of chronic or acute pain by alleviating pressure in strategic areas. Helps relieve symptoms of Lower back, lumbar, tailbone, prostate, hip, sp

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2021.12.06 03:02 jesterjoe2 I really can't sleep ama

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2021.12.06 03:02 soupwithbeans Can I submit CSS before the rest of my application?

Title. I haven't finished apps for all of my schools but am done the CSS and just want to get it in.
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2021.12.06 03:02 titanfall3enjoyer dos anyone have a tutorial for mp that they know works?

i' very buisy
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2021.12.06 03:02 brocantehome My brother loves this show so I'm getting him a Cameo from Russ Hanneman for christmas, What should I ask him to say in the video?

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2021.12.06 03:02 ldegoldegol Just a number😅

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2021.12.06 03:02 dgonzo9292 I'm close to my breaking point

I work at an nfl stadium. Full time (one of the lucky few) and get guilt tripped about missing anytime. When my daughter was born and I had to take her to appt. I was constantly asked about rescheduling because I was desperately needed. I held my ground and took the times I needed but when I went back to work I was just told how bad and miserable it was that I wasn't there. I do the work of my superiors. And don't get compensated at all for all that I do. There was a point when I loved going to work and doing what I do. But now I dread waking up to go to this soul sucking place.
I'm not the only one either. Most full/part time staff show up to work sick because they feel they will be behind on work or that they are letting the rest of the team down.
Rant over.
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the Empire unified the whole galaxy, and hundreds of different races integrated and multiplied after the war. Under the collision of various ethnic civilizations, the Empire burst out an infinite fire of wisdom. Science and technology are progressing at an unimaginable speed. Travel across galaxies has become the norm. Since then, the Empire has entered the era of Galaxy exploration. During a space exploration, the expedition found a strange crystal called "spar" in Galaxy A8. After research, it was found that it stored unimaginable energy and mysterious substances. Over the years, although the research on the mysterious substances in the "spar" is still on the surface, it has made the imperial weapons more advanced, the ships more solid, the speed faster, and can open the star gate to further outer space. It seems that the Empire's desire to expand its territory will never stop. At the same time, in order to plunder more "crystal stones", the Empire brazenly launched a war of foreign aggression with more advanced ships and weapons. Many galaxies have put aside their prejudices, established wartime alliances and carried out tenacious resistance. Unexpectedly, this war has been fought for hundreds of years, and the war has put the people of the Empire in trouble. Sometimes the people's demands are just for a stable life. Under the leadership of the revolutionary leader "janstolovsky", a "peaceful revolution" broke up the huge XXX Empire, and established a federal republic in 3550 to implement a Democratic Republic. They yearn for peace and love exploration and research, which also gives them the ability to surpass other countries in interstellar exploration and construction. Due to the civil war, the imperial strength was greatly damaged, and the war of aggression was temporarily stopped. It seems that the galaxy has entered an era of relative peace. However, the divided Empire has become more autocratic and centralized. The barbaric and belligerent emperor still keeps the Empire at a high level of weapon science and technology and has stronger combat effectiveness. Countries compete with each other for the precious "crystal stone" in the universe.
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