Be a developer

2021.12.06 01:33 Intrepid_Fun5914 Be a developer

Hey um followed some languages past days... c#, css, JS, python, html, sql now I have idea of basics of these languages but I'm stuck I have no idea what do there are soooo many options I'm totally confused that how I learn more advanced things about development can someone please guide me a bit. I prefer on web development as a start.
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2021.12.06 01:33 Apprehensive-Hair942 What do you think about DNB monopoly 5G?

This will not just effect us 5G only but also in future.. now internet become thing we need how do you think about this government approach.. I think it not great at all.. they just can force telco to install 5G faster like they do with 4G.. in long term this is better.. a company that monopoly something we use every second is just a path to disaster.. Now I wonder what their approach on 6G when it roll out in future..
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2021.12.06 01:33 Zlitchufdux Made my way on over

Finally jumped on board with you guys! $50 got me about 345,212! So I have at least something going on. Not millions of coins, but I’m here! 🤘🏼
Easiest way I got this was buying BNB on Trust Wallet then just exchanging on Pancakeswap
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2021.12.06 01:33 johnnytex3 Petition to start Rypien for the rest of the season

Please. Anything but watching Teddy too Garbage play out.
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2021.12.06 01:33 Insane1023 [spoilers ep8] Please don't read if you don't want anything spoiled.

So with all the Ravens in arcane so far, is it safe to assume we will see Swain in the next season?! I just see it as a ton of foreshadowing.
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2021.12.06 01:33 bvglv I drank

I drank tonight and I want to die. I promised I wouldn't but I did any way. My girl got 90 days sober yesterday and I'm so proud of her. She was always my drinking buddy but I can't seem to put together more then 4 days sober anymore. I am nothing but justifications and excuses to drink. I'm just tired of all my shit. I don't like me anymore. This is not a cry for help. I'm not suicidal. I'm not looking for a response to this. I just want a record of what I'm feeling right now. Tomorrow is still a new beginning.
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2021.12.06 01:33 RphilRT I ride abandoned railroad tracks with a motorized cart I built

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2021.12.06 01:33 Avgie9805 Baby needs a Chocolatey name

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2021.12.06 01:33 Independent_Trick631 Wave Predictions

Let’s get some wave predictions going for this week.
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2021.12.06 01:33 tmaths1 Microsoft Excel Resource

Hi All,
Im a novice when it comes to using MS Excel and I basically grope my way around this software and would like to learn to be good at it. Any recommendations on courses or books that would be helpful? Who knew working in security would mean spending almost half of their time with Excel!
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2021.12.06 01:33 ItsAmerico [no spoilers] any good references for Jinx’s weapons?

Looking to make her three main weapons (gun/mini/rocket) and any other gadgets for a cosplay. Are there any good references to these weapons other than screen grabs from the show itself?
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2021.12.06 01:33 dlmango 23M looking for an older woman to have fun with

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2021.12.06 01:33 Roborajee Any advice on writing strong female characters? I want to write ones that don’t come across as stereotypes but don’t feel like a male character copied and pasted onto a woman. Any advice/tips?

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2021.12.06 01:33 ZZZ-Top Auto world 70 Impala lowrider after suspension mod

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2021.12.06 01:33 whitekimchee Bars with festive/ Christmas decorations?

My girl's birthday is coming up and she loves festive shit. Was hoping to take her to a bar that has a Christmas theme. Trying to avoid Rolf's at all costs.
Saw something about the bar "Thief" having some christmas decorations but can't confirm as I have not walked by there yet.
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2021.12.06 01:33 Mysterious_Finger_39 Please help me to end these discord servers!!!

Hi can someone please help me to report some servers on discord, also please is a discord with child pornography a place full of sick people, and I don't quite know how to report servers so I researched and I found you that might be able to help, so I hope help me, the link for these sick servers is: Please help me to end these servers.
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2021.12.06 01:33 Quickster2099 Can someone explain to me what’s happening here? In All-Star Superman episode six, is this the superman we’ve been following the entire story, or someone else from the future? Idk why Im so confused.

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2021.12.06 01:33 MMSTINGRAY COP26: Government must ‘walk the talk’, says climate advisors

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2021.12.06 01:33 JohnnyEnglish117 Lewis, Sometimes I wonder about your boundaries / authority as Mayor.. could have just left them on my porch.

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2021.12.06 01:33 HL1470N ITAW for that's missing in this sentence?

"It's alright. I know you're planning on getting --- -n ---- -a---."
There are four missing words. Dashes show how many letter each word has. So the words from left to right has 3 letters, 2 letters, 4 letters, 5 letters. I got two letters right, the n and p.
It doesn't have the letters c, p, and f in it.
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2021.12.06 01:33 wolve3 Top 8 / Semifinals Songs

Songs for the Top 8 / Semifinals. I'll add Youtube links once the studio recordings are posted on there.

Girl Named Tom - River by Joni Mitchell
Jershika Maple - Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me by Elton John
Jim and Sasha - Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel
Joshua Vacanti - Ashes by Celine Dion
Hailey Mia - Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi
Lana Scott - Something in the Water by Carrie Underwood
Paris Winningham - Close the Door by Teddy Pendergrass
Wendy Moten - You're All I Need to Get By by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell
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2021.12.06 01:33 Brosef_Stalin94 Suggestions for a good waterproof fabric by the yard?

Hello, I'm new to the sub but I thought maybe someone here may be able to answer a question/give a suggestion.
My girlfriend has been into crochet for a while now. Recently she's been making some wool garments for us to wear on outdoor expeditions, but due to the holes in crochet I wanted to see if we could add a waterproof liner like Gore-Tex. The problem is Gor-Tex only sells to approved manufacturers, and I'm having a tough time finding something similar or equivalent that is sold by the yard. I've been researching and googling for a while now and I can't quite find what I'm looking for.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a good quality waterproof material sold my the yard?
Thank you for your help!
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2021.12.06 01:33 D487 #83, me, 2021

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2021.12.06 01:33 HeII_Boy All Brazilians Know Him, Same As Everybody Hate Chris And My Wife & Kids

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2021.12.06 01:33 I_love_salamanders Second batch of prizes :>

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