Crystal Ribbons 18 was created using pour and brush techniques with a balloon to create the accent points. Hue is overpowered with steel blue. All pieces are actual paintings which have been scanned and digitized. All artwork in the Genesis 33 launch are 1 of 1 pieces. Link inset

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2021.11.30 02:15 TheMitchPacinoSh0w Crystal Ribbons 18 was created using pour and brush techniques with a balloon to create the accent points. Hue is overpowered with steel blue. All pieces are actual paintings which have been scanned and digitized. All artwork in the Genesis 33 launch are 1 of 1 pieces. Link inset

Crystal Ribbons 18 was created using pour and brush techniques with a balloon to create the accent points. Hue is overpowered with steel blue. All pieces are actual paintings which have been scanned and digitized. All artwork in the Genesis 33 launch are 1 of 1 pieces. Link inset submitted by TheMitchPacinoSh0w to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 carlyc999 UC/Cal State Outage Megathread

The UCs and Cal States are experiencing some outages with their application systems. Here’s your place to ask questions, discuss, or vent about it.
According to a tweet from the CSU system, you should contact applicant support if you’re having trouble submitting your application.
At the time of this posting, the UCs have not made a statement about their application system’s downtime.
Applications are due November 30 at 11:59 PM PT for both the UC and Cal State schools.
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2021.11.30 02:15 RAND0M6969 i dont know this schematic but please help V6

i dont know this schematic but please help V6 Hi does anyone knows this schematic V6 I want it please tell the code or smth a file download?
submitted by RAND0M6969 to Mindustry [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 ejdierker Can I change which faction owns what territory?

I was wondering if I can change what faction owns what territory in the files or with commands or something? I am planning on playing eagle rising since the new faction is out, but the sturgians and aserai kinda kill my immersion because of their armors. So is there anyway I can just give all their land to another faction? I would also settle for the ability to change their troop tree.
submitted by ejdierker to Bannerlord [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 SweetCherriess This scene with Brian (Rudy Cooper) and Dexter has always bother me.

So I'm rewatching the series in preparation for the new season and this has always bothered me. How tf did Brian know the EXACT way Dexter killed people??? I get he has followed him for years, and knows how he tranqs his victims but how does he know the way Dexter ties his victims down if Dexter did it behind closed doors and covered windows? I doubt he had cameras and I HIGHLY doubt he was in the room. Unless Dexter wasn't as careful as we thought and there was a way for Brian to peak in?? I'd love to hear other thoughts or theories! I definitely could be missing or forgetting something.
submitted by SweetCherriess to Dexter [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Rhawe Eternatus VMAX revealed from VMAX Climax

Eternatus VMAX revealed from VMAX Climax submitted by Rhawe to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 SpacedOutKoalas Shout out to Mike for showing us some Big Island hospitality at Gargoyle’s Garden!

submitted by SpacedOutKoalas to discgolf [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Dabfamily Naru is maybe supposed to be Handa's mother

I just finished the anime so I might be wrin but I think maybe I hate to say this but seimei handa got married to naru's equivalent in his time on the island and this time handa is doing the same thing this of course maybe wrong but the age gap between Handa's parents suggests it
submitted by Dabfamily to barakamon [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 post-news EXCLUSIVE: Republican State Leadership Committee Successful Minority Outreach Program is Growing

EXCLUSIVE: Republican State Leadership Committee Successful Minority Outreach Program is Growing submitted by post-news to ExDemFoyer [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 CockGoblinReturns Mark Zuckerburg always tries to talk to people as they're pooping.

I was an intern at Facebook. Any employee will tell you that if you ever try to take a poop for any reasons, Mark Zuckerburg comes by (I have no idea how he knows) and tries to look at you through the crack in the stall and say "Hi there, can we discuss how your time at Facebook has been? I would love to learn about your projects". If you try to turn him down he gets really persistent. "Are you sure? I'm really busy all month and this is the only breather I have".
For the ladies room, his assistant Andrea Besmehn does the same thing.
They always through these 4 day long hackathons with lots of coffee, prunes, and other fibrous and potassium rich foods that make you poop.
One time he tried with one of those airhead brogrammers. You know the type, but the good thing about this is they aren't afraid to be confrontational. He said 'NO FUCK OFF MARK, I'M POOPING RIGHT NOW". Mark Zuckerburg said "It's okay, I don't mind :)". "WELL I DO, I DON'T LIKE IT. GTFO" , "Well how do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it :)". "THE ANSWER IS NO MARK NOT FOR DISCUSSION"
Now, most of Mark Zuckerburg's assistants are yes men. But one of them practices Radical Candor, and suggested this silicon valley principle called 'Going first'.
submitted by CockGoblinReturns to copypasta [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 AusCOVID19 Ashes Test match in Perth grows more unlikely as Mark McGowan sticks to 'strict' COVID rules

Ashes Test match in Perth grows more unlikely as Mark McGowan sticks to 'strict' COVID rules submitted by AusCOVID19 to AusCOVID19 [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 LB300BD Make money using Amazon! Super easy and simple click only one button!

Yes I know you may think one button and you make money from Amazon. Yes it’s true when someone I knew shared this with me I was also thinking no way this is real etc. So what did I do I put it too the test I put $200 of my own money in it and now it’s at $650 in a month yes I know May not be much but it’s still something on the side. But here’s the thing you want to earn more, then you add in more money. You can do as low as $100. Just thought I bring this to your guys attention to help out. To what I know is this is mainly for Canadian users but if your in the US or international you can use there USDT(crypto) deposit method feel free to shot me a message if you have questions or want too learn for free!
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2021.11.30 02:15 baldur09 Aspect Ratio/Graphics Settings

Recently started playing this game, Asura level 18, I was wondering what the best settings are for the aspect ratio. I noticed that at all ratios except 4:3 the game seems to be cropped, and the sprites seem to have some kind of filtering. Does playing at other ratios make it harder to see or react to enemies?
submitted by baldur09 to DFO [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Ayan0212 Maes fuera de broma, soy solo yo, o ustedes también han notado que al tico le gustan las varas caras?

Por mí casa he visto muchas veces que ponen una soda o restaurante barato o así bastante cómodo. Osea hablo de un lugar que vende casados a 2500 o alguna que otra cosa a 2 rojos y NUNCA duran, pueden ser muy buenos o ricos pero nunca duran.
En cambio cualquier lugar con esas luces que se guindan y nombre "artístico" cobra 4 o 6 rojos por cualquier mierda y ya es un pegue! Ojalá tengan platillos que lleguen hasta los 12 rojos es un éxito seguro.
Cómo el típico lugar de comida mexicana, maes hacer comida mexicana sale barato, osea muy barato, hace años nosé si se acuerdan era muy barata, pero nosé cuando se volvió algo de alta gama y ahora 3 putos tacos valen 6 rojos, NADIE se llena con 3 putos tacos pero ahí usted ve esos lugares llenisimos.
Nosé si se me explique bien, pero he visto que eso pasa muchísimo, con las tennis, comida, ropa en general. Lo que sea que sea caro y los ticos van corriendo a comprarlo. Obvio hay muchas cosas que valen lo cuestan pero también hay muchas que son mucho más baratas y es la misma mierda...
submitted by Ayan0212 to Ticos [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Rabbidraccoon18 I do this on a regular basis

I do this on a regular basis submitted by Rabbidraccoon18 to memes [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 bignate_88 Is Scent Split a legitimate site?

I’ve been wanting to sample Tobacco Oud and noticed this site has tons of other discontinued Tom Ford private blends that I’m interested in checking out. Should I pull the trigger and try out some of these or is this site a red flag?
submitted by bignate_88 to fragrance [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Romyy420 Self identity

Does anyone else misgender themselves or use their birth name on accident when talking to yourself? I’m doubting my identity like always and need others experiences to help Also sorry if the question does not make sense, I am currently high
submitted by Romyy420 to trans [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Alarmed-Ad-436 So sad

So sad submitted by Alarmed-Ad-436 to dankmemes [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 pedal_deals_bot Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Processor - $480 ($480 + Free S/H) 70%

Line 6 HX Stomp Multi-Effects Processor - $480 ($480 + Free S/H) 70% submitted by pedal_deals_bot to PedalDeals [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 YourEverydayJedi Just introducing myself. Going to be posting often to show progress. (Hopefully)

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2021.11.30 02:15 Interesting-Watch260 [OPINION] lunchtime essay about SAF officers (trigger warning)

Since time immemorial, the colour red and the anti-Christ has always been synonymous with evil; red is a reflection of hellfire - which happens to be the same colour as the OCS singlet. Like how the lakes of hell swallows the souls of the eternally damned, the officers in NS drown us in menial work that adds negligible value to our growth. The OCS red (hellfire) and torture are analogous to that of the relationship between the tormentor and the tormented. Perhaps the OCS red is meant to be a visual representation of the scarlet sinner that dons the bright red singlet.
We often hear grandiose recounts of how these “Officer Cadets” (who were made in the image of none other than the Father of Lies and deceit himself; cousins of the devil) head into OCS with the notion that it is important to have “no fear”. But one has to question, what is it exactly that we aren’t suppose to fear? Since the SAF plays only a defensive role?
As I ponder over these so-called “truths” of the army, I realise that maybe when the revered Commanders of the OCS proclaim that when an officer of the armed (or more appropriately- unarmed) forces have “no fear”, what they not meant to fear is the idea of “reprisal”, perhaps, they are trying to say that commanders should not have to keep an open mind, which ultimately leads them to be governed by Freudian fallacies. Ergo, these officers then go “above and beyond” the edge of logic by reprimanding their men for putting themselves (the men) at risk of developing “bad habits”, when they behave in the exact same manner (think about the times you got scolded for not wearing No.4, and the officer who was berating you was in PT kit).
Isn’t randomly charging NSFs, messing w their schedules; even screenshotting and hence sabotaging their own brothers in unarms for “chao keng” akin to how inquisitors burned those they deemed heretics at the stake? - Like how Bernard Gui was governed by the “Conduct of the Inquisition”, SAF commanders are governed by the “SAF commander’s handbook” - no evidence needed, no explanations heard. Just a single word of command from the “higher authority” colonels can and may even cause NSFs to end up signing “extra duties”, or worst case - even DB.
If one even dares to question “why am I being punished?”, you will be met with the standard “this is the military”. Yet, if you point out the unequivocal truth that both you and your “officer” has the same amount of war time combat experience, you will be punished.
As I ponder of the inconsistencies in the SAF’s fundamental logic (ie “NSF should work because they are paid; but they should not get an allowance”; Colonels can question “where is your badge?” to others, but we cannot question them) I begin to wonder if the root of the problem lies in how leadership is perceived within the SAF.
Maybe the fault stems from the inherently flawed leadership theories within the SAF, maybe when the officers say “To Lead. To Excel. To Overcome”, it was never their intention to lead us to some utopian promise land, but rather into the valleys of the shadow of death.
At the end of the day, the truth remains that evil beget evil - hence, as I arrive at this euphoric realisation of the true nature of our Armed Forces, I can only conclude that Hell is truly empty, since all the devils are in the SAF.
submitted by Interesting-Watch260 to NationalServiceSG [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 surgerize262 Just “reserved” a Brio home. What is this symbol mean on the site map???

Just “reserved” a Brio home. What is this symbol mean on the site map??? submitted by surgerize262 to 3roots [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 Kingcosmo7 Post-larping QuickCheck visit

Post-larping QuickCheck visit submitted by Kingcosmo7 to funny [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 02:15 lovexo2k Let’s play UNO!

Hey, I was wondering if anyone wanted to play uno either tmrw or Wednesday to let off some steam before finals week! Idk where yet but we can figure out time and place if there’s enough people to play!
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2021.11.30 02:15 thumbsdrivesmecrazy NFTs Birth A New Age Of Art - Advantages Of Tokenizing Art

The following guide explains several factors contributing to the success and inherent value of merging art with NFT and blockchain technology: NFTs Ignite The Digital Art Scene

Through the use of NFTs, artists are able to access markets that were otherwise controlled by centralized organisations. Content creators now have a global platform that can be accessed from anywhere by anyone.
Taking a giant leap forward in terms of ownership in the traditional art world, NFTs hold all ownership history in public records. Through the use of blockchain technology, anyone can access the ownership rights of an NFT, also making it possible to verify the artwork’s authenticity.
As mentioned earlier, no one can tamper with data on a blockchain, once it is recorded it cannot be edited or changed.
When an artist creates an NFT they can include a clause in the code to ensure that each time it changes hands they receive a portion of the sale money. Decentralizing resale royalties puts the power back into the creators’ hands.
submitted by thumbsdrivesmecrazy to NFTmarket [link] [comments]