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i cant breathe

2021.12.06 03:26 1c4t i cant breathe

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2021.12.06 03:26 Zamazo Finally completed my first watercooling build, which happened to be both hardline and my first PC build (started back in May). Thank you everyone who helped me and this community for inspiration! All Bitspower.

Finally completed my first watercooling build, which happened to be both hardline and my first PC build (started back in May). Thank you everyone who helped me and this community for inspiration! All Bitspower. submitted by Zamazo to watercooling [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 03:26 Ratmeistersupreme Scored what I think is a Panasonic rq 2309a and was curious of the year. Anything searched just leads me to eBay. Any ideas?

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2021.12.06 03:26 RoundRepeat PhD Assistance | Guidance | PhD Thesis Writing Service in India

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2021.12.06 03:26 donottouchwillie1 KISS - Strutter

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2021.12.06 03:26 Least2020-2022 王一博古裝劇又有好消息,清一色實力派出演,可看到女一我愣住了-There is good news in Wang Yibo’s costume...

王一博古裝劇又有好消息,清一色實力派出演,可看到女一我愣住了-There is good news in Wang Yibo’s costume... submitted by Least2020-2022 to ReferChina [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 03:26 FinalEscapeAttempt Put a bag over my head - is brain damage likely if i stayed concious? (19,male)

Yesterday evening i was really sad and i just wanted to know what it would feel like to end it all. So i put a bag over my head, lying on my bed. The material was cloth. I don't know how long i had it on my head. Could be anything from 30 seconds to 3 minutes i guess, i really couldn't count the time in that situation. The bag was not sealed, there was space for air to come in yet that Space was also rather small. I didn't have any shortness of breath, i only recognized breathing flat. I pulled off the bag when i realized how dangerous it was to do something like this because of the possibilty of occuring brain damage as i remembered hearing something like this about people how attempt suicide by hanging themselves. That being sad i didn't pull it off out of discomfort, rather out of fear. Yet, i felt some slight headache and little dizziness afterwards. I felt a light tingling sensation in my left arm right before pulling it off. I did not go unconcious but i am wondering if brain damage is possible to occur while staying concious in a low-oxygen environment or how likely it is to have happened. Thoughout the evening, my head felt clouded, couldnt think clearly- probably still can't and i still have a slight headache though i don't think the headache must come from this event. I didn't notice any blue on my hands or lips, yet i also didn't look for it specigically afterwards and it was dark in my room so hard to notice. 5 min later or so i was in the bathroom, there i didn't see any blue.
Is permanent brain damage likely if right now, i can't think clearly and feel slow while reading or thinking?
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2021.12.06 03:26 SweetTooth_Games Hi I need help with writing at character with autism

Hi so as the title says i need help with writing a character i created who has autism. I want to bring some different types to representation in a game I'm working on. And I want to do it right and make sure I'm not using negative stereotypes by mistake. He's a 12 year old boy who tries to use logic when things around him dont make any sense and becomes upset when that doesn't work out the way he would like it to. I've been reading articles about it but there are points i didn't quite understand. And even if i did i still wanted to come and ask for help. I just want to do it right is all .
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2021.12.06 03:26 peter92one Riester kündigen. Sparkasse kontaktieren oder direkt an DEKA ?

Huhu, wie würdet ihr hier vorgehen ? Habe rund 8 Jahre in einen Riestervertrag eingezahlt und würde gerne das Geld zur Verfügung haben welches ich eingezahlt habe (Staatlicher Zuschuss wird dann ja abgezogen)
Abgeschlossen habe ich es damals (leider) bei meiner örtlichen Sparkasse. Habe echt keine Lust wenn ich meinen Berater anrufe/schreibe ich direkt wieder ein ewiges ins Gewissen reden vor mir habe.
Könnte ich in diesem fall die DEKA investments (dessen Verträge die Sparkasse verkauft) direkt anschreiben ?
P.S.: Ist es möglich die bisherige Staatliche Förderung auf einen Bausparvertrag anzurechnen oder verfällt diese auf jeden Fall ?
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2021.12.06 03:26 variousmeats F 21 that fall loneliness has hit

hellooo, i’m a 21 yr old who recently just moved to Dallas from a small junkie town in Wisconsin. my interests include reading, writing, getting so high I forget I’m a sentient being, and music. my fav artists rn are the front bottoms, hot mulligan, fidlar, and a whole bunch of others. I’m also an addict trying to get better but lol idk that shit hard as fuck. anyway!!! send me your fav song of all time or tell me a story about how ur heart shattered for the first time and you’ll never be the same again. anything works
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2021.12.06 03:26 master840 [Fan Art] Custom DC Multiverse JL Darkseid

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2021.12.06 03:26 yarbaint Do they usually teach Russian dancing in physical ed?

Do they usually teach Russian dancing in physical ed? submitted by yarbaint to boysarequirky [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 03:26 symptomsoftruelove I [29, F] took advice from my best friend [34,F] & moved on from my ex [44,M]. He won’t leave me alone now. How should I go about this?

I was dating a man that I later found out had a lot of trust issues due to his ex wife cheating on him. He proposed to me after 6months and I felt uncomfortable. I politely declined. I confided in my best friend who then began giving me advice. My ex was never abusive physically but emotionally he would say things he thought would hurt my confidence but it didn’t. “Do you know what kind of woman I could have?” “You’ll date a loser like your ex again, I’m a good man, loyal, honest, blah blah” I moved on and now 5 months later I’m in a relationship with someone I’ve known a long while [35,M]. He was always interested but knew to not try and date me when I wasn’t single of course.
My ex got news of this due to one mutual associate and now he won’t leave me alone. He messages me things like “you’ll never find a man like me, I can just date another woman, in fact three women were already into me but I declined but now I won’t. I can find a woman from my country, it’s easier to date them anyways. They are so beautiful, hardworking, loyal, honest GOODLUCK!” (He tends to repeat himself on these things which I found odd, he is from Russia and often goes home.
I’ve blocked him several times. The first time I blocked him I didn’t hear from him for a while. He later messaged me from a Russian area code to “check on me” and tried to get together, I declined, he got angry, repeated himself.
Now that I’m in a relationship and he’s possibly back home, the messages haven’t stopped. I’m in no position to change my # right now for several reasons, it’s connected to too many things plus work.
If he has so many options in the US and back home I’d think he would leave me alone. Maybe I didn’t realize sooner that his ex wife and ex girlfriend ran off for a reason! How should I go about this? Comments and advice welcome. I was honest and even kind with him about my feelings from the beginning up until now and I’ve openly said “I don’t want to be with you, leave me alone, stop texting me please.”
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2021.12.06 03:26 Thy_Chief What's the best graphics mod I can run with my specs?

I was wondering what the best graphics mod I can use for my PC with good visuals but also decent FPS... I haven't got my PC yet so I haven't tested anything, and not too sure if I want to install a bunch of mods for testing so I'm asking anyone with personal experience or information to answer.
CPU: i5-11400F 2.2GHz - 4.4GHz
GPU: RTX 3060Ti 8GB V2
RAM: 16GB Unbuffered 3600MHz
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2021.12.06 03:26 HEALSCRASHGAME Help me name her! (OC)

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2021.12.06 03:26 Secret-Heron571 Name of the soundtrack

There’s a small piano soundtrack starts when Dwayne discovers some secret regarding his past at the final part of the game when you’ve beaten all chapters.
The soundtrack starts when you pull the wooden floor to start getting the mask piece. It starts also when you open the vent and crawl through it.
I really loved it, can someone help me? I tried looking for the soundtrack but I didn’t find it.
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2021.12.06 03:26 rickrucksack What is the sluttiest thing that you have done?

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2021.12.06 03:26 305soulja Breaking ankles in rebirth.. “matt…. Im not liking your lobbies today”

Breaking ankles in rebirth.. “matt…. Im not liking your lobbies today” submitted by 305soulja to Warzone [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 03:26 Deathangel24102 Help

2 things 1: I do not know if this violates the begging rule, as I will be paying whoever does this back. 2: anyone have a rat pet I can have? I promise to get you 1.5m within a week. If you are interested, the price is negotiable. I just need it to kickstart my progress. I could even give the rat back afterwards. Also friend me if you don't want to lose track of me. I will most likely be online from 4:30 to 9 pm Eastern Time. If you are uninterested ignore this post.
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2021.12.06 03:26 _FallenAngel__ The Beatles - You Won't See Me

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2021.12.06 03:26 graciemansion In this thread, Europeans immigrants to the US discuss how NYC is the only place in the country they'd willingly live in

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2021.12.06 03:26 contemp_content My (33M) gf (31F) son lacks discipline

Me and my gf have been dating for only a few months. I have an 8yr old daughter and she has a almost 4yr old son. Our parenting styles are VERY different, I’ve always been assertive to make sure my daughter knows her rights from wrongs and to be respectful. I’ve never laid a hand on her but I have disciplined with tone, time-outs, talking, etc. She has grown very respectful to her elders and people around her.
Now my gfs son does not have a dad. I 100% respect the fact that she is playing 2 roles at once and I can only imagine the stress. However her son lacks ANY discipline whatsoever. Sometimes she will spend a few days over at my house with her son and it’s always the same. If he asks for something and my gf says no, he will literally throw a tantrum screaming at the top of his lungs every single time. She will try to calm him by giving him stuff he likes. For example, I was lifting weights in my garage, and he walks in wanting to grab all these heavy weights around me while I’m in the process of working out. I told her it was not safe for him in this area while I am working out, and also that this is my place of business (personal training), I prefer not to have kids roaming around. So after she tells him that he can’t touch the weights, he begins screaming face to face at his mom and yelling NO over and over. She does absolutely nothing and then decides to let him sit on my rowing machine pushing him like it’s a ride. Beyond irritated me and I told her to take him inside. Which she did but I heard an endless tantrum coming from the house while I proceeded with my workout. His tantrums are a regular thing and there is absolutely 0 discipline. The other day we were in my front yard playing with bubbles. We had to go inside as it was getting dark and cold. He refused when his moms told him the very first time. Began crying and screamed so loud directly in her face. She said “Don’t scream in my face” calmly. And he proceeded to scream even louder directly in her face. She simply just carried him inside and let him scream and cry inside. It was partly embarrassing seeing her kid throw a full blown tantrum where I’m sure the whole neighborhood could hear. Shortly after that, we were watching a show and he was watching something on his tablet then gets up to grab his new light saber toy. He walks towards my tv acting like he is going to hit it with his sword and his mom says “don’t do that” in a very slightly higher tone. This kid turns to his mom and spits at her. All she said was “don’t spit”. He immediately does it again!! And she says NOTHING! At this point I’m nearly mind blown at the lack of discipline. This kid will literally cry if I turn on my tv to watch something while he is playing or doing something else because he wants to have his show on in the background. When it comes to anything I do, I directly tell him no with no hesitation. I obviously have no authority to discipline someone else’s child, nor do I have the right to tell ANYONE how to raise their child. But I simply cannot fathom the fact that she allows her kid to act any way he wants. When I asked her about it the first time her response was “I was a preschool teacher and I have dealt with many kids. I feel the right way is to let them do whatever they want”. This was before I realized what she actually meant.
We are very early in our relationship. I want to be with someone that I would eventually like to have kids with again. Should I even bother talking to her about this? Or should I just walk away?
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2021.12.06 03:26 dulcehuelga Mother and father were codependent and abusive, but I felt like I (F) was in love with my mother?

I am currently the age (27F) my mother was when she had me, and ever since I started having intimate relations with men and women, I've noticed that I think about my parents a lot more and I treat them all like the relationship I had with my mother. I highly suspect she is a narcissist and I was part of her narcissistic supply until I cut off ties with her.
My father was textbook alcoholic who was violent against the mother of his children and exhibited intense paranoid delusions that my mother was cheating on him with any man who smelled her oxygen. After they separated when I was 12, I became obsessed with knowing where my mother was and I also suspected she was cheating ON ME with any man that came her way. Although she already had a new man before her and my father ended things, I felt like that man stole her from me. And up until about a year ago, she verbally admitted that she knew I felt unloved throughout my life by her because I felt like I had to compete with her Beau for her love.
Also, we used to cuddle very closely and tightly until I was maybe 24 for hours or until I fell asleep, and she would tuck me into bed up until that age too. She would also always say how proud of me she was for keeping my virginity like a good daughter and that once I had a man I wouldn't be hers anymore. There were also a couple, only like two, times where I woke up without a shirt or bra on and she was there, it has never happened in any other context or situation, not even while being sexually active. I just felt weird about it because I'd never do thay knowingly but she said I did it in my sleep. There are also other weird things that happened when I was a kid like her holding me during sex and stuff but I really do feel like I was in love with her. I think of myself as a queer lady but it makes me feel so ashamed that I had these feelings about my mother. I even remember listening to love songs and heartbreak songs and only being able to think about my mother. And I haven't been able to ever hold a stable relationship that doesn't fall apart after quite literally a week.
What does it feel like to fall in love with someone? All I have is this association to my mother.
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2021.12.06 03:26 PozzArt392339 Just introduced fruitin'🍄. Any tips?

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2021.12.06 03:26 Zave0820 Selling Valorant Account

Current Rank: D2
Had this account since beta and I don't use it anymore. It's just a smurf account.
It has both glitchpop bundle, Prime 1.0 bundle, and some more. The account value from the purchase history is $445.07
Selling for $250
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