People who went to west Caldwell tech, how was it there?

2021.12.06 03:12 TaxOk6065 People who went to west Caldwell tech, how was it there?

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2021.12.06 03:12 dodarday Xboxone Raid squad w/mic/headphones help finding players

So I am nearly 100% complete if it wasn't for the conquest bug and collectibles that are not on the screen, I have leveled up all my classes to 20, gear score 211, level 75 xp and really want to start the raid challenges but no squad and online matchmaking is terrible.
Really could do with help from 3 good players with mic/headphones and time to grind each raid in order.
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2021.12.06 03:12 ahoycarolina I’ve had my 5gal tank for 5 days and have been adding TSS for three days and testing levels everyday. Today I got a reading that says I have ~5-10 ppm nitrates. There’s no way it’s cycled right? I do have about 8 moss balls that were previously in big jars, a betta, and some live plants. Advice pls

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2021.12.06 03:12 antgio02 [h]galloway glass puffco top [w] 200$ plus ship PayPal gs

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2021.12.06 03:12 eatmorepies23 Anyone else getting this visual glitch in Dubai?

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2021.12.06 03:12 Ok-Point-4796 Raid help? please look me up.

Look me up, 9742 2209 3875
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2021.12.06 03:12 Kito_H Rarepair ship name

So my rarepair ship is so rare that I get the create the ship name! It’s Tadashi Hamada and Obake (Bob Aken) from Big Hero 6
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2021.12.06 03:12 PowerBottomBear92 Leading cardiologist says cluster of collapses in footballers likely to be 'coincidence'

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2021.12.06 03:12 SeekingDiscounts_ 50-Count BIC Ultimate Creativity Kit Only $9.98!

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2021.12.06 03:12 PeG-Tony Xbox Live —> Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

So for example, if I buy 12 months of XBOX LIVE and then buy 1 month of XBOX GAMEPASS ULTIMATE
Next, I redeem the 1 year of XBOX LIVE then later I redeem the XBOX GAMEPASS ULTIMATE, will my remaining XBOX LIVE converted into XBOX GAMEPASS ULTIMATE?
Back in April of 2021, I bought gamepass for $1 and it got my remaining gold got converted into ULTIMATE. Will this happen every time I redeem XBOX LIVE and then later redeem XBOX GAMEPASS ULTIMATE?
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2021.12.06 03:12 PomegranatePuzzled82 I’m feminist and shiiiii but….

I gotta be honest about something that I’ve never told my girl friends and stuff.
I am all about females being independent and being “boss bitches” and “girl bosses” and stuff. I love love love seeing females do well for themselves and knowing their worth. And I’m a very independent woman myself. I get shit down when I say I am and I don’t rely on anyone else. I handle my shit.
I dream about marrying a polite, kinda traditional guy that wants nothing more but to take care of me and our hypothetical family. I want a hard working family man that’ll deadass just take care of me and not want me to worry about anything. A real “head of the household”. I want that dude.
Ion know, just wanted to admit this
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2021.12.06 03:12 echocloud9 Let’s just say I was trying to do some art… and someone wanted to help

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2021.12.06 03:12 SeekingDiscounts_ Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol Marshall’s Wooden Rescue EMT Caddy – Only $21.99!

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2021.12.06 03:12 unterrogatory My college pushes an unhelpful MBA program on fresh business grads. I feel like it’s morally wrong.

This is long, sorry. I graduated with my BBA in management/marketing last May. I was fortunate enough to graduate debt-free, so I planned to stop there and continue my education later, when I had a clearer career path and more money. I also wasn’t a fan of how limited the options were - No concentrations, and no majors. Not sure how other schools do it, but that seems very limited to me.
After talking with my dean and advisor, they aggressively advised me to continue into the MBA program immediately after graduation. I constantly got phone calls and emails from the department. When I went in later to discuss graduation, they scoffed at my plan to wait on further education and dismissed my financial concerns because “the return on your investment will open doors”. After thinking about it for another week, I signed up, taking out $12K in student loans. Their reactions and advice made me feel like I would be making a mistake if I didn’t.
I’m winding up my first semester, and am now planning to withdraw. The courses were painfully boring and a bit over my head, which was my first indicator that this wasn’t good. I talked to several people about my growing concerns and learned that getting an MBA straight out of undergrad can actually be a detriment to career prospects by locking you out of entry-level jobs due to being overqualified on paper, but also is no help to your chances with higher-level jobs because you aren’t likely to have the experience employers look for to back up the MBA. My conclusion is that this degree is for someone who has 3-5 years of experience in their field and needs the degree to move up.
Looking back, I feel like it’s morally wrong for my university to not tell the whole story about this degree and its place in the industry. They push students into more financial risk when the return may not exist for them. I know colleges are businesses at the end of the day, and yes, it was ultimately my choice to pursue the degree, but I feel like we should be able to place some degree of trust in academic institutions to have a bit of integrity when advising students.
What are your thoughts? Has anyone had an experience like this?
TL;DR: My university pushes MBA degrees on freshly graduated students, and it seems morally wrong to me after being one of those students. What are your thoughts?
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2021.12.06 03:12 Munchie1010 What’s your “I outsmarted your outsmarting “ moment?

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2021.12.06 03:12 ymnoce Giving away 52 of these 1/1 hand-pixeled sprites on SOL - pinned post

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2021.12.06 03:12 Flotte-Karotte Need suggestions!

I want a rocket design. Any suggestions? Should be for the Octane.
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2021.12.06 03:12 marauder_zero Andy's Apple Farm Theory HEAVY CHAP. 1 SPOILERS (I'm Sorry In Advance Because This Is So Long, There's A Short Summary At The End That You Can Skip To If You Don't Want To Read This)

Underneath the cute albeit incomplete 90’s style arcade game that is Andy’s Apple Farm, the story of a family tragedy is told through characters and through the [intentional] glitches.
The game tells the story of the Eastwood family. A young boy, whom I believe was named Louis, and his sister go out on the river late at night and, by whatever means, the boat flips, thus resulting in the death of the young boy, presumably by drowning, and the family being torn apart by trauma. The sister, who is identified as Isabelle from the cutscene occurring after Melody’s Music Game, survives the boat flipping and is left with survivors guilt. The father of the family, Thomas, is apparently driven partially insane by the events and eventually leaves the family to pursue his goals of killing Arthur.
From the get-go, it should also be noted that, in the game, Andy’s “friends” aren’t very friendly at all. The four stole his house keys, forced him to play mini games (which in the case of Margaret, seemed more like a chore, and in the other cases seemed like the character’s ways if using Andy to entertain themselves), and later revealed that they hid Andy’s keys in the *very dark* barn whereas Andy made it painfully clear that he harbored a fear of the dark, then locked him in the barn.
It’s obvious that the characters in the “game” are represented by the characters in the game (yeah this is gonna get meta…). I’ll provide proof why or, in Margaret’s case, the reason for a plausible hunch to back up it up. I’ll also be providing my specific theory for that character(s) as well.
Starting off strong with Andy. Andy is the character we play as and who Thomas, the father of the family, is represented by. The strongest piece of evidence for the relation is the cutscene that occurs after Claus’s “I Spy” Game. The mini game starts off rather calmly but, as should be expected given the disturbing amount of potential for an “I Spy” game, quickly escalates. Claus begins by asking normal “I Spy” questions, “I spy with my little eye; something red” (an apple), “something floating” (the cloud), “something growing” (the small tree), but this quickly grows disturbing when Claus spies “something DANGEROUS”. By “DANGEROUS”, he means the axe that’s been laying to the right side of the screen. After this he will spy something that gets distorted, along with his sprite and parts of the mini game screen, and the player will be prompted to click on Claus himself, thus initiating the cutscene where Andy is replaced by Claus. Claus is chased by an axe wielding Andy, which glitches into the scene of Thomas killing Arthur with the axe.
It can be inferred that Thomas is the father of the family, who left and was either driven insane or possibly possessed by some spirit (although I do doubt the latter, it wouldn’t be out of order for an indie horror game). To me, Thomas going insane seems like the most likely outcome, so that is what I’ll use for my theory(ies). Thomas blames Arthur for the death of his son, Louis, which is why he resorted to killing him out of resentment, although he later shows that he regrets his actions. Andy/Thomas may possibly be represented as an apple due to him being the games developer, or if we’re really stretching the truth, because apples grow on trees and Thomas killed Arthur with an axe (which can be used to cut down trees).
Going back to the cutscene we explained above, it seems obvious that Claus would be the in-game representation of Arthur. Arthur is the one character where I’m not actually sure where he stands, there must be a reason for Thomas blaming Arthur for his child’s death, but if there’s a part in the game that explains this I must have missed it. My best guess is that he must have lent Isabelle and Louis the boat they used on the river late at night where Louis went missing. I’ve heard some speculation though, that Arthur was Thomas’s friend (before his murder of course), and this seems like a reasonable assumption. I’m not really sure if there’s any reason for him being a clock though.

  1. TRAILER - In the game’s trailer, after Claus is shown there is a reversed audio. Saving the clip and reversing the audio, reveals the dialogue “Please Free Us All.”.
  2. MINI GAME - If the cursor is moved off-screen during the mini game, Claus will glitch out, a reversed audio will play on loop, and for a split second a message will show on screen . The audio is the word “deceased” reversed and the message is, “I’M SORRY PLEASE” and then “+H0M4$, Pl34$3, 1’M S0RRY” is repeated nine times. There then plays a cutscene of Thomas and Arthur at a diner talking. This seems to take place in December of ’82, as its “getting close to Christmas time”, as said by Arthur, Thomas has already left the family, and Louis is already dead. Thomas seems to doubt his friend and shows some paranoid traits as they talk.
Melody would be the Isabelle, Louis’s sister and the one who was with him when he died. This is confirmed by it being Melody’s mini game where we first learn more about the sister. Isabelle blames herself for Louis’s death and for Thomas leaving. This was likely due to “survivor’s guilt” but also seems to have been solidified by her father’s accusations. After completing Margaret’s Sorting Game plus the error page that followed and restarting the game, attempting to re-interact with Margaret will result in a short jumpscare and cutscene. In the cutscene, Mrs. Eastwood and Thomas are arguing, which results in Thomas’s lines “She was right there, why didn’t she save him?”. Isabelle, and most likely her mother as well, most likely died in the house fire that was revealed by the cutscene that occurs by playing Melody’s mini game either second or third. My theory for Melody being a moon, is really just that her cutscene took place at night, the house burning down likely also took place at night.
  1. PICNIC TABLES - If Melody’s Music Game is the first mini game played in a playthough, returning to the picnic tables (not the one Claus is seated at though) after playing her mini game will prompt the following message, “An Error Has Occured. She’s not gone. She’s still here She wants you to free us. Please Free Us Please Free Us”. Note that this will only occur if Melody’s mini game is played first. - This hints at the Eastwood’s (plus Arthur’s) souls being trapped inside the characters of the game, most likely by Thomas. The message also aligns with the reversed audio played in the trailer.
  2. MINI GAME - Getting the Easter Egg mentioned before by not playing Melody’s mini game first, if the player chooses to leave the house area (after witnessing Isabelle and her mother’s conversation and entering the house) before the various disturbing clips are shown, they can find a car. Interacting with the car will start a recording dated 4-13-82. The recording has Thomas talking about experimenting with technology and video games, he reveals that he was working on a new game that used “Apple Acres” as a placeholder for a title. He then describes trying to use technology to make the characters more “life-like” before the tape is cut off while Thomas is mid-sentence.
There’s so much evidence to back up Felix being Louis that it’s nearly impossible to refute. Most obviously, Felix’s Fishing game; everything goes fine until a young boy’s body appears in the water, there are two different outcomes to this.
If the body is fished out of the water and brought back to Felix, immediately an excerpt from a missing persons alert is played alongside Felix. The message is as follows, “A search is underway for a child who fell off a row-boat and never resurfaced Thursday evening. According to the Pumpkin County Sheriffs Office, Deputies responded to the scene yesterday October 14th. The victims, a 10-year-old male, and his sister fell off a row-boat late at night. The girl returned home safely, however the young boy has not been found as of yet.” It is at this point that Felix’s sprite changes to have more disturbing eyes, “Y3+ Y3+ Y3+ Y3+ Y3+ Y3+” Felix then glitches out more until only the eyes are left. After a few seconds of uncomfortable eye contact, the scene cuts to the Andy receiving Felix’s bonus sticker and the event is over. The reason for Felix/Louis being a fish seems spot-on given that Louis drowned in a river with the fish.
Dragging body along the river bed *and not returning it to Felix* triggers Felix’s sprite glitching over the screen and the message “Cvu Ju Xbto’u Ifs Gbvmu Xf Xfsfo’u Bmpof Uibu Ojhiu. J Epo’u Cmbnf Ifs.” The message can be decoded using Caesar Cipher with a shift of +1 (this is notable as the same shift is used to decode another code later on), it reads, “But It Wasn’t Her Fault We Weren’t Alone That Night. I Don’t Blame Her.” This is a message from Louis about Isabelle, he doesn’t blame her for his death and remarks that there was at least one other person there, most likely Arthur. After this brief moment, an image is shown of Isabelle after her and Louis’s boat flipped with the caption, “But it wasn’t her fault.”. The background of the image will then turn red and revealing the silhouette of someone else.
  1. PICNIC TABLES - If Felix’s Fishing Game is the first mini game played in a playthrough, returning to the picnic tables (not the one Claus is seated at though) after playing his mini game will prompt the following message, “An Error Has Occured. Please Restart the Game. He drowned that day. At the bottom of the lake She didn’t save him It’s not her fault. It’s not her fault.”. Note that this will only occur if Felix’s mini game is played first.
  2. MINI GAME - Choosing “No” and turning down Felix’s offer to play the Fishing Game results in the lines, “|Felix| I Don’t Think You Heard Me Right. Ha Ha Ha Ha”, the game then glitches and a pair of very realistic eyes appears on Felix.
Even aside from the Easter Eggs pointing towards Margaret and Mrs. Eastwood being one and the same, Margaret just seems to have motherly vibes. It’s also worth noting that her mini game ties into both the two children of the family and the father, which makes it clear that whatever “soul” she is, is someone from inside the family. After completing Margaret’s Sorting Game, and error will intentionally pop up and force the player to relaunch the game. Interacting with Margaret again after completing her mini game will trigger the jumpscare/cutscene mentioned earlier while explaining Melody.
Mrs. Eastwood’s name is“Kamryn” as hinted to by a number of things. Firstly, the Sorting Game Easter egg listed below with code translating to the name. Secondly, Melody’s mini game’s Easter egg, which let’s you peer into the house where there will be three stockings each labeled by just one letter, “A”, “I”, and “K”. In the same mini game, the recording found in the car references someone nicknamed “Kam” who is also referred to as a “she”, thus eliminating Thomas, Arthur, or Louis as possible users of the nickname. Thirdly, in the diner cutscene triggered by an Easter egg in the Claus mini game, Thomas makes sure to ask Arthur, “You haven’t been hanging too close to Kamryn, right?”. Her name is then further solidified by one of the Easter eggs in the Maze Game, giving a picture of a woman, her birthdate, her death date, and the name “Kamryn Eastwood”.
  1. PICNIC TABLES - If Margaret’s Sorting Game is the first mini game played in a playthough, returning to the picnic tables (not the one Claus is seated at though) after playing her mini game will prompt the following message, “An Error Has Occured. Please Restart the Game. The time was supposed To be Happy. But she could feel her skin peeling off”. Note that this will only occur if Margaret’s mini game is played first.
  2. MINI GAME - Ignoring the mini game’s objective and moving the cursor off-screen results in a glitch/jumpscare as well as a message with a string of binary code following it. The message reads, “Y O U K N O W EX A C T LY W HAT Y O U DI D” and the binary code that follows, “01001011 01100001 01101101 0111010 01111001 01101110”, translates to, “Kamtò”. The image of a woman with her eyes censored, similar to the images shown at the end of the chapter, is shown as well. This then fades out to family photo with the date of 12-24-81 and the caption, “But this would be the last Christmas we’d spend together.”. The picture, and music, then distorts as the date changes to 12-24-82. The characters were distorted in a way that heavily resembles the eyeless figure from the failed maze game.
  3. MINI GAME — Spamming the spacebar while Margaret thanks Andy for completing the game leads to the cutscene of Thomas Eastwood and Mrs. Eastwood arguing about whether or not Isabelle was at fault for Louis’s death, Mrs. Eastwood defending her and Thomas blaming her. Mrs. Eastwood then tells Thomas to “get out” and “just go to the bar and drink or something” saying he was “good at that”. Margaret’s sprite then replaces the mother, confirming that Margaret is Mrs. Eastwood.
The main reason I believe Peter represents Thomas’s darker, more homicidal, thoughts is due to the Maze Game and the Tag Game, both mini games taking place after Andy is locked in the barn. In the tag mini game, Andy has to make it to the fourth area while avoided “the eyes” as a pair of eyes will follow Andy starting in the second area and growing more aggressive in their pursuit as the maze progresses. Whether you get caught or not, you will eventually find a lantern that that reveals Peter the Pumpkin, who seems that they could care less about Andy’s emotional state and also shares the same eye colour as the eyes that followed Andy in the maze. There are multiple ways to “lose” in the maze game, each results a different easter egg.

  1. Allowing Peter to collect all of the pumpkins in the maze and failing to “tag” them, results in a short, disturbing message about a figure with no eyes being shown before a “jumpscare” of an image of a slender shadow figure, with no eyes, grinning is presented.
  2. If the player manages to catch up to Peter and tag them the message, I just wanted to see my family again. I knew what I was doing was risky. 01100011 01100001 01110010 01100101 0110010 I didn’t want it to turn out this way. 01110000 01110000 01100101 01101110 0110010 Free us Save us 01100001 01110011 01101110 00100111 0111010 Help us” . The binary code translates to, “care”, “ppen”, and “asn’’” the last two likely cut off versions of “happen” and “wasn’t”.
  3. Collecting the pumpkins and not getting caught by Peter while they are “it” prompts the message, “UIPNBT, EPO’U BTL GPS IFMQ. OPCPEZ DBO TBWF ZPV OPX.”. Which, when decoded using Caesar Cipher to a +1 shift, translates to, “THOMAS, DON’T ASK FOR HELP. NOBODY CAN HELP YOU NOW.”. This points the blame of the entirety of the Eastwood Family Tragedy on Thomas Eastwood, the father of the Eastwood family and “Andy’s Apple Farm” Game Dev.
  4. Getting caught by Peter results in a quick cutscene with distorted audio, showing Thomas in a warehouse or shed of some sort, surrounded by blood. The wall distorts into an amalgamation of eyes, which Thomas is surprised by, the eye-amalgamation then transforms into a grinning face which is suggested to have killed Thomas. It is then and there that the big green eyes shared by Andy and Peter are seen on Thomas’s deconstructed and dismembered body. When Andy picks up the key, it prompts the message, “I should have known. What I got myself into. It’s my fault. It’s my fault. You on the other side. You can help me” It then leads to a repeated display of jumbled up “SAVE ME”’s and “SAVE US”’s. This is Thomas admitting to what he has done and reaching out to the player for help.
One of the biggest giveaways towards Peter’s relation to Thomas is Peter’s faces. Peter normally has a simple face and design, but when he is “it”, their normal face is a stark contrast to the creepy carved face he takes on. The “face”, however, will sometimes buffer. When fleeing from Peter, it is possible to cause them to hit the corners of the hay bales, which will occasionally cause their facial expression to change from the carved one to their normal one. This is very similar to the scene of Thomas struggling to restrain his homicidal urges where whenever the “thoughts” were taking over, the text would turn red and his facial expression would match that of Carved Peter. It would then switch between the two faces, the carved one and Thomas’s human face, as Thomas went back and forth between “kill him” and “no, get out of my head”.
*??? (BEE CHARACTER) — ??? *
In the game’s trailer, a sprite is shown for a character resembling a bee, although they made no appearance in the first chapter of the game.

  1. Repeatedly clicking on the second save file in the menu leads to a “Blue Screen of Death” pc crash error screen, of course it’s in the game and your pc didn’t actually crash but the screen has a QR code that leads to the game’s download page.
  2. On any “OH NO! An irregularity has occured. Please restart the game. Press [Escape] on the keyboard to exit the game.” (This error is received after Margaret’s Sorting Game and after finding the secret messages at the picnic tables) Error message, a mysterious audio will play in the background. The audio starts with the sound of driving and then continues with sounds of footsteps on soft ground, a muffled conversation, keyboard and computer noises, liquid being poured and the sound of a lighter (the liquid is likely gasoline), running footsteps, and finally the sound of a burning fire. — This is likely done by Thomas, and likely pieces together the cause behind the Eastwood house being burned to the ground, effectively killing Isabelle and her mother.
  3. In the main area of the game, in the bottom left corner next to the area where Margaret is, a secret path can be found within the tree line. After passing though an area with various pictures of Melody and Felix, the player will come across an area with Isabelle crying next to the row-boat, next to the river. Her interact message says, “Press [Spacebar} 9l 0RH9VM” Instead of “Press [Spacebar] to Interact”. When interacted with she says, “I’m sorry i didn’t mean to it’s all my fault what are mom and dad going to say i’m sorry louis i’m sorry i couldn’t… i’m sorry i ‘ m s o r r y”. A photograph of water and Louis then appear, and reversed audio is played. When the audio is slowed and reversed it says, “4C 6F 75 96 73”
  4. Different sequences are shown depended on which exit you take in the Maze Game. If the bottom right exit is taken to the fourth area, a picture of Arthur is shown with the caption, “Arthur King 7 / 26 / 1950 - 12 / 24 / 1982”, revealing both Arthur’s last name and his life span. The image is then removed and the text is changed into Caesar Cipher and for a moment Claus’s sprite can be seen. If the lower right exit, the exit just next to the one mentioned before, a picture of Kamyrn will be shown with the caption, “Kamryn Eastwood 5 / 15 / 1954 - 12 / 24 /1982”, this text is also changed before a pixel Christmas tree is shown on screen. Heading though the exit on the middle and right, gives a picture of Thomas and also lists his name and dates, “Thomas Eastwood 12/ 03 / 1951 - 03 / 17 / 1983”. Heading through the upper west exit triggers a picture of Louis, “Louis Eastwood Born 2 / 14 / 1 972”, it then glitches as Louis name is coded and the “Born” caption is replaced by “M I S S I N G 10 / 14 / 1982”. Leaving through the lower left exit, shows an advertisement for the game, rather than a missing for dead persons’ information, although it could also be Thomas, the game developer, in denial of his son’s death. If the player is caught by the eyes, a string of binary code flashes on screen, so far all of the Youtubers and Streamers that I’ve watched, and myself in my own playthoughs, have not been able to get the full code without it getting cut off, thus rendering me unable to get the code to translate it.

THIS IS ALL ONLY WHAT I CAN THEORIZE SO FAR -- As far as I'm aware, only the first chapter of the game has been released so things are subject to change with new chapters and there's also no guarantee I'm right about any of this in the first place.
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2021.12.06 03:12 Shyrolax Is something wrong with my game or did they really forget to implement the world mission

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2021.12.06 03:12 tmtlawpractice247 Best Services Top IPR Law Firms in India

Best Services Top IPR Law Firms in India hire Patent agents, Patent Attorneys, Trademark agents, people from technical and Law background. ... IP firms can help you by advising the best way for the protection, filing your application in the designated office, and in the further processes also IP firms can help you.
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2021.12.06 03:12 Elvedin216 Hey guys I noticed orange spots on a couple of stems/caps. Wondering if it’s contaminated

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2021.12.06 03:12 WinnnAllDayyy Why do you think Bitcoin has failed to fill everyone’s expectations for this year?

This isn’t meant to be a negative post by any means, just want to know why people think bitcoin hasn’t reached the 100k everyone was talking about the whole year , or even breaking all time high convincingly.
Just to be clear I’m long term bullish and hold huge bags, but would just like to hear what everyone in this sub thinks is taking so long for bitcoin to pump up. We have been hovering around these regions for months now I’m sure a lot of us expected a nice parabolic move to 100k and beyond.
What is the case in your opinion? Are we too impatient? Expecting too much? Do the general public not like the idea of bitcoin much? Whale manipulation keeping us low before completely taking off?
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