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AN-94 [Girls Frontline]

2021.12.06 02:39 CheetahSperm18 AN-94 [Girls Frontline]

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2021.12.06 02:39 blakespot The work of an Overseer is never finished

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2021.12.06 02:39 GuessForGames GUILTY GEAR -STRIVE- Baiken Teaser Trailer (Season Pass 1)

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2021.12.06 02:39 Voxx418 Book of Thoth Tarot Classes on Patreon

I have just created a new tier on my Voxx Magick Patreon Page, for private and group Tarot instruction. Join Tier #3, to get started! DM me for more details.
I teach a certificated course, from Beginning to Advanced and Professional Levels of Tarot.
I am featured in the best-selling books, “The 100 Top Psychics in America”, (1994 & 2014 Editions). I have also been featured as the country’s Premier Tarot Reader by the Huffington Post, and have been featured in the LA/NY Times, and many other publications.
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2021.12.06 02:39 brothershogo Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka (For The Emperor) Fuck your Strike Group.

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2021.12.06 02:39 kidsan Formuladank Circlejerk When Max Gets A Penalty For Break Testing Lewis

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2021.12.06 02:39 PsychologicalDraw618 Kmr240 vs LMR400

Put a an exterior antenna up a few days ago. 5.8dbi 25 feet up. I used kmr240 cable 25 feet. Is it worth it to get lmr400 and install? Would my antenna reach farther? It's doing very well now about .5 HNT a day
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2021.12.06 02:39 TheMedicineShell Ichu Aja Explained - What is the Purpose of Sacrifice? (Igbo Spiritualit...

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2021.12.06 02:39 derek139 Where do crack pipes come from?

Is it really just like 90s smoke shops that sold pot pipes as “novelty” and as tobacco pipes? What else could crack pipes be for? What companies are producing them? Where are crack users getting them? Are they manufactured for something else and just used for crack? I’m so lost.
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2021.12.06 02:39 Scott_Worriesome ‘Beyond heartbreaking’: 500 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991 royal commission

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2021.12.06 02:39 GetLaunched ‘21 Tuono 660

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2021.12.06 02:39 Led_Zeplinn Mestia v2.12 Lighting

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2021.12.06 02:39 Piss_fungus How about y’all stop jerking off to cartoons and jerk some bitches into your life

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2021.12.06 02:39 pangcal Just started the game yesterday, rerolled today and got 5 Unique Heroes in 50 pulls! Future Princess, Lapice, Gabriel, Nari and Kanna. Is this lineup any good? Anything I should do?

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2021.12.06 02:39 X_HENTAI_MASTER_x The most reasonable Aatrox buff.

Right now Aatrox is in the worst state he's been in since season 10 due to his main item getting Giga nerfed and gw being really good right now. When it comes to buffs he needs something substantial as he's currently sitting at about 48.4% win rate in plat+; it's even lower in ranked below plat where majority players sit at. Now it needs to be something that isn't too strong as Riot is scared of him being broken in pro and ultra-high elos.
Aatrox's kit is pretty strong in the landing phase into a lot of tanks but when it comes to bruiser matchups he falls up short due to not out dpsing the other laner along being run down by stat sticks. This is by design as Aatrox doesn't have to be good at everything. Every champ has a counter pick no matter how strong they are including Irelia, Camille, and Fiora; they get shit on by a champ like Warwick or Teemo.
Aatrox's biggest flaw in the landing phase is probably him having the lowest base hp regen in the game at 3 but having the second-highest growth coefficient at 1 which leads to 20 hp regent at level 18 which is lower than some assassins like Kayn, Kha'zix, and Talon who have no business needing having high hp regen. This low hp regen early forces a champ who needs more damage to take d shield instead of blade.
I would love to see Aatrox's base hp to go up to 8, which is still lower than Irelia and Camille which is a different issue, but his hp regen being lowered to .9 per level. This would leave him at 23.3 at 18. Not only would this buff help him immensely in lanes he should be winning but also in split pushing, pre 6 poke and fights alongside making him less likely to back early due to low hp.
This would honestly push his win rate up by 2 percent. Something as fundamental as hp regen at early levels really does affect the win rate of champs a lot more than you would believe.
Does anyone think this would be a good or bad buff to Aatrox? Would like to hear your thoughts.
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2021.12.06 02:39 fu11m3ta1 Suicidal and craving the feeling of being drunk or high

I’m 8 months sober from alcohol but have been using weed as a crutch this whole time instead. I’m so fucking miserable and depressed I want to OD or hang myself. I’ve really wanted to drink lately and just feel good and free from everything. I work from home so I could get away with drinking around the clock too. I need relief. Life feels like torture. I don’t know what to do.
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2021.12.06 02:39 anhonest9yearold Birb's kingdom needs them

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2021.12.06 02:39 Impressive_Habit_353 Pm lang mga bossing, Pinay rare sa Mega Drive.

Pm lang mga bossing, Pinay rare sa Mega Drive.
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2021.12.06 02:39 Informal-Value-5817 any recommendations for my team? i know it’s not very good but i’m not really a competitive player.

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2021.12.06 02:39 Harrrrumph Malema returns to court for assault at Winnie Mandela’s funeral

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2021.12.06 02:39 Bred_mf A group of high level adventures have been commissioned by the king to stop a cult of usurpers in his kingdom. The problem, however, is that the whole party woke up the morning before with no memory of their adventures, and almost no powers or skills to speak of.

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2021.12.06 02:39 versatileviolet The next Robert Frost.

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2021.12.06 02:39 Koreanboycel Lifefuel for you guys, maybe someday we find someone who love us for who we are..

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2021.12.06 02:39 everyonestolemyname This fool loves the system that exploits them!

After reading other stories of people that had to work past quitting time, I realized I might have some previous experience that I can cash in for some karma.
Years ago I used to work for this 3 Star hotel in my city as a banquet staff employee but instead of serving banquets all I did was setup the different event rooms and just helped out in the back, it was a decent enough hotel and I had some really sweet coworkers who were around my age, and we all got along really well and had a fun time working. Unfortunately all my coworkers got fired one night because they got caught smoking pot on shift, woops. It sucked cause I really liked those dudes. Unfortunately at the same time the hotel got a new GM, HR Manager and a couple other managers.

Now, the HR manager was absolutely useless, like BEYOND useless. They would hold these mass interviews were like 3-6 people would get interviewed at the same time, and all of them would get hired (nothing wrong with that I guess, grats on finding employment). Unfortunately since it was so shittily ran, they never received any sort of training, and none of them got specifically put with me in the same job title, and since they fired all my coworkers (Well, all but ONE but he was an older dude who was a fucking Diva and generally just a cunt, I didn't talk to him ever...he also did the bare minimum or below it). So, I was generally left alone to setup weddings for 150-300+ people by myself. Tables, chairs, stages, dance floor, AV equipment, bar, the works. Everything but linen and table settings. I didn't mind, it was pretty chill work and sorta liked the challenge.

When the actual weddings or events were taking place, I volunteered myself to help in the dish-out assisting the Chefs with plating food, or helping the servers by running large trays to their sections to help out. I'd do what I could to help the servers out as most of them were older women (55+) and really nice people. I don't think this was expected of me tbh but I did it anyways and it was always appreciated.

Now, my shift would start at 3pm, and almost every fucking Friday I'd show up for the weekend string of events to find that the useless cunt of a coworker would half setup all the weddings that were scheduled to start in ~2 hours. There would be no stage or dancefloor setup. So I'd run my ass off setting up a couple dance floors (giant tiles that clip together, then I'd mop em so they'd be nice) before the guests arrived. Often times there was a gap in management as well as the evening manager arrived AFTER the weddings had started, and since I was there long enough, I'd set the bar up (Grab the booze, till, etc) which was a no-no since I wasn't a manager and when HR tried complaining I just shut them down saying "There's no manager, and wedding starts in 15m, what do you want me to do". I kinda cared about my job and trying to help guests have a nice event. Now 11pm would roll around, and I'd have to stick around to help clean up the room and then I'd reset the damn thing for the wedding/event the next day. Most weddings ended around 2am, and by the time they'd finally clear out so we could actually clean it would be 230/3. So I'd stack all the chairs and tables, vacuum everything, mop the dancefloor and rip it up, take apart the stage. The works. Once the room was all clean I'd put the tables and chairs down in the arrangement needed for the next day, so I'd clock out around 4/5 AM a lot. Back then I didn't have a car so I'd either ask for a taxi slip (company policy to provide) or if the Night Auditor wasn't busy have them drive me home. This was most times fine with the Manager on Duty (Most...One time he refused to give me a taxi slip because people were "wasting" them, still got a ride home though). This happened a lot. Every weekend. Made a ton of money cause I was getting so much damn OT. This job actually holds my personal record for hours worked in a pay cycle at 146 hours, Keep in mind I'd only work 5 days a week. YOLO making bank amirite? I'd started to love the system that exploits me, crazy right?

Well the absolute peak of shit mountain was when we had a HUGE wedding, and I was told to completely clean the ENTIRE banquet as the carpets were being shampood the next morning. Nothing could be left in it, get everything out. Since it can get subdivided, we'd leave excess tables/chairs in the areas not in use. So 2am rolls around, event "ends" but the guests take their time leaving. Strip all the tables, mop dance floor, remove stage, dancefloor, stack chairs and wheel them out to storage area on the side of the hotel, repeat with tables. Open the walls and proceed to empty the other sections of all the shit, then start vacuuming those sides as well. Takes me all.fucking.night. 7am rolls around and I'm like 80% done, at this point I've been at work for 14 hours, I've taken a couple smaller breaks and my 30m lunch earlier in the night, but I'm dead fucking tired. Banquet Manager rolls in, walks into the room and is shocked that I'm still there, absolutely floored and asked why I was, told him "I was told this had to be completely cleaned by the morning". He's extremely symthpatic and tells me not to finish and go home and get some rest (Dude was a saint, and had a really good reputation, was a nice guy too). Luckily (or maybe not?) I had borrowed my mothers car so I could just drive home instead of getting a taxi or having someone drive me. I fell asleep several times on the ~15 minute drive home. Did the "long blinks" where 1-2 blocks woulda kinda just go by...Woops. Pretty sure I worked that night as well. Oh well, I liked the job and after that banquet manager left, they offered me the position.
Sometime later, they scheduled me for a day that I didn't normally work, and a morning shift. I never worked Thursday's and never worked mornings, so I accidentally forgot to set an alarm for 6am and instead woke up at 9am when my coworker called me. I raced my ass in there and apologized for being late, honest mistake etc. HR Manager told me we'd be having a "disciplinary meeting" for being late, and I said okay let me know when or something. She didn't work all weekend cause why would a useless HR Manager work weekends? So I work Thurs, Fri,Sat and have Sunday and Monday off. Tuesday rolls around, It's around 2pm so I'm starting to get ready for work in an hour and useless HR Manager calls me up and tells me "Since you didn't show up for your scheduled disciplinary meeting on Monday (My day off remember), your employment is being automatically terminated and if I want my final cheque I need to bring my uniform in" so I roll up at my "starting time" explain why I'm in plain clothes to everyone who's like "WTF". Hand in my shit and leave. It was a unionized hotel and I fucked up hard by not grabbing the Shop Steward immediately and fighting it since it was a wrongful dismissal.

Tried getting the Union to help me, get severance, anything but they did fuck all but like 3-4 months later I got a nice letter in the mail saying they found it to be a wrongful dismissal. Oh well, I was 20 years old and since I worked so fuckin much I had a rather decent amount in the bank so I went to the baclub with my friends several times a week and actually had a social life for once, was nice. I was also still living at home, and at that point not in College anymore (dropped out, hated the program) so the money I was earning was literally just for whatever the shit I wanted.
I happened to be driving by late at night a couple months later and saw that they had all the old women that were servers as well as some of the Sales dept staff working in a banquet room setting up the rooms, kinda shitty that they made the older women stay later than they should have.

Dunno if anything negative happened to the HR Manager, but if I saw her stranded on a dark road in the middle of no where I would have just kept driving. She's probably dead now though.
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2021.12.06 02:39 ToastWRLD I finally reached 1M BP!

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