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Roll top backpack I made

2021.12.06 02:46 12cookiecutters Roll top backpack I made

This is a roll top backpack I made recently based of Claridge Leather's pattern. Made.using SB Foot fleet sienna waxed leather. Was really fun!
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2021.12.06 02:46 wintermute916 Guy goes around assaulting random women

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2021.12.06 02:46 Caipea e ou num e不不不不

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2021.12.06 02:46 rasamasala My character has done some bad things and wants to atone but struggles with their bad nature. I need some ideas that could challenge my character. Any ideas?

Hey y'all so I'm kinda stumped and I wanted to get some outside thoughts! So my character is basically a person thats done some dark stuff for a group they were a part of in their past. They were basically trained to be a ruthless killer under the guise that they were part of an elite group trained to prevent enemies from disrupting the peace of the city they're protecting. My character basically finds out that it was a lie and they were doing this dark shit for really messed up reasons and defected from the group. Currently, my character is now trying to change their life to actually do good but are now constantly fighting that nature of "do anything to complete the mission, no matter the means".
So I pitched the idea of my character struggling with the duality of their nature to my DM, however, we were stumped on what some of the triggers could be that would challenge my character with this theme. I also had the idea of maybe I could make a WIS save if I killed a human? But I thought that was too situational.
Anyways, I'd love to hear y'all's ideas!
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2021.12.06 02:46 NeptuneLagoon Google Assistant and double One setup

So I bought a Sonos One for my Mom about a year ago and she loves it. She currently has the One in the Kitchen, and she has a Google Home in the Living Room. Every time "Hey Google" is said, the Sonos in the Kitchen will always pick it up and get preference over the Google Home which she sits right next to. If I were to buy a second One for the Living Room, would it have an easier time knowing which one was closest?
At home I have all HomePods and they do a great job at determining which speaker to activate. I wonder if this is a Sonos speaker issue or if I were to get a double Nest Audio setup would it be better? A Second One would be ideal since she likes it better. Thanks for any imput.
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2021.12.06 02:46 wifirouter123789 'Scene detection using OpenCV' <-- How can I start working on this project?

If for example the 2 scenes which my model can differentiate between are 1) an excercise scene 2) a cooking/kitchen scene. Also where can I aquire the datasets for these? Any help will be helpful
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2021.12.06 02:46 Codeguy23 hmmm

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2021.12.06 02:46 TomCrutz Do second generation immigrants hate first generation immigrants?

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2021.12.06 02:46 Conzo06 Cait sith ears

Is there any talk or chance of the Cait sith plush returning to the store? I really like how the in-game head piece looks and every time I look it's out of stock(been many months). Thanks to any responses, I'm assuming though that there is no mention of restocking it.
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2021.12.06 02:46 ZxG_Giraffe Is 4 As and 2 Bs good?

Im a freshman this year and right now I have all As but I think finales might screw me over and make me drop to 4 As and 2 Bs. Is this good? Ive always felt like I should have at least 5As and 1 B because of how my brothers did in school. My mother says shes happy as long as I try my hardest but I just dont know if Im doing enough.
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2021.12.06 02:46 maddfutpro dm me with offers i want coins

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2021.12.06 02:46 UKAbandonedMines Picture curtesy of Anyonio Llufriu : A RUSTING MINE CART .. down an abandoned Welsh slate mine ..Video link https://youtu.be/7iYKSSM4lG8 UKAbandonedMineExplores Youtube channel : https://youtube.com/c/UKAbandonedMineExplores

Picture curtesy of Anyonio Llufriu : A RUSTING MINE CART .. down an abandoned Welsh slate mine ..Video link  https://youtu.be/7iYKSSM4lG8 UKAbandonedMineExplores Youtube channel : https://youtube.com/c/UKAbandonedMineExplores submitted by UKAbandonedMines to TheForgottenDepths [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 02:46 YoshidaPorcher Question regarding Unity WebGL

I am developing a 2D escape room on WebGL and it works perfectly fine on Unity but when I run it from the Build and Run menu in Unity, an error occurred. When I checked the console, it returns
NullReferenceException: Object Reference not set to an instance of an object(Filename: currently not available on il2cpp Line: -1)
which didn't happen when I run it on Unity. Any idea why is this happen?
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2021.12.06 02:46 what_is_going_on321 How to Get Forza Horizon 2

So I wanted to play Horizon for a while. I do not own an Xbox.
Forza games are available on pc but you can only buy Forza Horizon 4 and 5 now.
I know FH2 wasn't a PC game but if there's a free download or emulator or something please let me know, thanks.
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2021.12.06 02:46 Alexiachavez07 $WARS, PlanetFi, NFTs, gods, and a lot more! MetaWars was all over November as we build to bring you all MORE 汙Catch our monthly update here ∴

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2021.12.06 02:46 tbranch72 Question about final defensive drive

Did we let them score, or did Will Harris being so God fucking awful getting burnt win us the game? Looked like he was trying his hardest to keep up with the WR
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2021.12.06 02:46 Broke_Gam3r Professional Flatulist

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2021.12.06 02:46 Wild-Dig-8003 Why do Democrats continue to lose among poor White voters?

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2021.12.06 02:46 clownsauce420 How to grow a backbone while still being tactful and not burning too many bridges?

Asking because I got myself into a pretty shitty situation recently because I struggle with setting boundaries right off the bat. I only do it when Im pushed to, but I want to change that and become more assertive.
Does anyone have any tips for how to do this? Thanks in advance!
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2021.12.06 02:46 Alsentar What would be the Strixhaven equivalent of Robotics?

I know it's a weird question, but I can't answer it myself.
At first I thought it would be Quandrix, since they use math and physics on their magic, but the art work suggest that their magic is more on the theorical and abstract side of math. They don't build things to apply the math to, they write the formula in the air and literrally apply the math to reality.
Weirdly enough, I think a magical robot career choice would be found on Prismari, since they already work with a lot of elementals. [[Storm-Kiln Artist]] Also shows that Prismari can sometimes go Izzet a little bit, using elementals as a power source for.... Something.
But what do you think?
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2021.12.06 02:46 SupraSupreme12 [offer] Trading strategies for forex $30

I will show you some trading strategy on forex. If you brand new to forex I can introduce to you how to trade currency and what currency are and how about to go about them. I can break and show you what support and resistance. I will also show you 3 strategies on how to trade forex that are very simple to understand and how to go about creating your own strategy. Will explain what bank levels and institutions levels are and how to trade them and also be carefully when price hit there. I will also teach you about imbalances in charts. I can show you what liquidity is and how go about trading that. What I am going to teach you will help you become a better trade and also earn money as a side hustle. If you study these strategies enough you can problem quiet your day job but this is not quick rich scheme . I actually want you to learn something and to walk away from our meeting knowing actually how to trade. If you want to learn more dm me and we can negotiate how can we do this. I will teach you this through zoom.Other than that I want you to enough your day. Any other questions on anything else please dm me I will be more than willing to help you get started trading currency
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2021.12.06 02:46 adorablexjoon Highschool Bullying and Im struggling more than ever (17 F)

Im not really sure how to feel anymore because Ive felt with bullying since kinder to like what was supposed to be my senoir year (Im thrown a year back :( ) so before it was out of my control due to medical issues now its just based on my looks. As a girl theres to much pressure on what I should look like. Now Im bullied for my body (being fat and having no ass as the boys tell me here) and I dont dress well because I have no money.. Girls constantly give me dirty looks and guys dont even sit next to me they move somewhere else. This is why Im so awkward and shut down because any time i am myself people stare at me. For a brief time I honestly wanted to kill myself because I couldnt take it. Now I am just struggling with caring too much or not giving to shits. Im so insecure these days. I feel so fat too. I went from 160-140 and people tell me Im skinny ig but I carry weight weirdly for being 55. Im tired of being body shamed it makes me want to kill myself tbh I dont care how dramatic that sounds because its extremely damaging I feel like I need to loose more and more weight. Everyday.
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2021.12.06 02:46 Wolf140 Upvote for the boizzz!

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2021.12.06 02:46 Born-Blood4212 Do we know more about demons than angels?

I feel like we know more about demons than we do of angels. I mean isn't there books like lemegeton and stuff? I also haven't heard about people talking about biblically accurate angels irl. TBH I haven't been to church for a couple of years and I'm not really that religious so I'm sure I'm wrong somewhere but, in my opinion I feel like angels are the robots of god or something. No emotion, no desire, and are perfecly loyal.
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2021.12.06 02:46 bluethecoloris Belarus theatre group in exile: We are stronger than the regime

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