Some magical mushie crystal pendants I made with a friend ☺️🍄 (new to Reddit. Alohaa peeps 👋💜) which one’s your fave?

2021.12.06 03:29 Souluminance Some magical mushie crystal pendants I made with a friend ☺️🍄 (new to Reddit. Alohaa peeps 👋💜) which one’s your fave?

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2021.12.06 03:29 GenerallyDisliked3 I have a soft squishy unathletic figure but I really do go to the gym often and tryyy to eat healthy.. can’t get rid of this gut and don’t sleep well

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2021.12.06 03:29 nathanialf ICO Melody of the Mist Remastered and Perfect Music Files released

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2021.12.06 03:29 idawahteam HOW TO UNDERSTAND ALLAH PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE - Mufti Menk

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2021.12.06 03:29 IAmACapitalistPanda I think Imovane is ruining my life

Hello benzorecovery,
I'm not really sure if it's even allowed to post here when you are on z-drugs, but I guess I'll try. If this is relevant I'm 26M and healthy.
Basically, until about a year and a half ago, I relied heavily on weed to supress my anxiety and sleep problems, but due to having cardiophobia, I started to have panic attacks when I was smoking so I completly stopped (I've been sober for a year and four months). A short time after stopping I went through some hardships and I've basically had 2 hours nights which wasn't enough for me to function during the day.
So I went to the doctor and he prescribed me 7.5mg/day Imovane for 2 years to help me sleep and oh my god do they help. For months I could finally get the quality sleep that I've been craving.
But about 6 months ago I realized something weird: during day-time, I kinda get dizzy. One time it got so bad that it triggered a panic attack and had to go to the ER because I thought I was dying of an heart attack.
After going to the ER, I went to see my doc because, well, I don't want to ever live though that again, so he prescribed my Ativan ! When I feel the anxiety creeping in I take 0.25mg and it helps but now I'm on one benzo and another non-benzo and I think it's fucking me up. During the day I'm so anxious I've seclude myself from the outside world in fear of having one of these panic attacks again. And when I do go out, I always bring my Ativan with me in case something happens.
The daytime dizziness I'm half-sure is related to Imovane mixed with anxiety. I was so afraid it was my heart I did an ECG and everything is good. I've been tappering of to 3.75mg but it's still very hard for me to go down to 1.875 without having a sleepless night.
I would really like to stop taking Imovane, I think being it on for a year and a half is too much. Did anyone else here have dealt with this before? I'd like to know.
Thank you everyone.
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2021.12.06 03:29 clayman584 Michaels and Collinsworth = lazy.

Was anyone else irritated that Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth didn’t bother to learn how to say Albert Okwuegbunam’s name? It’s not really that hard. It’s definitely not a typical name but it’s not impossible and that’s their job!
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2021.12.06 03:29 YuuuummmmY Bastion inside of a Nether Fortress?! - Seed: -5036399788818351521, co-ords are in photos

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2021.12.06 03:29 JMO7102 Tower XP is completely ridiculous even after the buff

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2021.12.06 03:29 MonsterAsBl00d I love codm servers pt. 2

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2021.12.06 03:29 Diaboderondoni FAGNER INCRIVEL

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2021.12.06 03:29 myg2k3 Nurses here at the worst

I work a a rehab facility and one of our residents got covid… the only reason I found out was from a friend who told me about it while I was off. When I can to work a few days later I realize there is no sign on the door saying she has covid, only that she MAY have it and no cna here takes it seriously and reads the signs on door. I saw cnas walk in the room with no mask and I’m like did u guys not know she has covid? The nurses here need to be more informing about us because if it weren’t for my friend I wouldn’t have known she had covid. And the cnas also had no clue
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2021.12.06 03:29 nick-s-f Large Island spawn, 1.18 Bedrock. Seed included in pic :)

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2021.12.06 03:29 The_Disapointments My “step father”

The one I used to call my step father has been in a really bad mood lately and has been taking it out on me verbally. Every little thing I do he has to comment on. Earlier I got my outfit for my band concert and put it on and showed him, he said “I don’t care” not that bad right? 2 minutes later he was leaving and when he left he forgot something so he came back in and as I always do when He forgets something I say “what’d you forget?” And he went on for 5 minutes screaming at me for every little thing I do wrong, how I ask for to much, how I keep pushing it to see what I get away with, and mocked me at the end of it, “can I drive? Can I drive?” (I say this because I am 15 and just got my permit a few months ago) after that he left and I lost it and started crying more than I ever have. I felt like he just ended the 11 years of our relationship in 5 minutes. And earlier today we were supposed to go to church but because of everything going on (him throwing a fit about no one being enthusiastic {it was 7 am}) he apologized later but he made the apology sound like it was our fault. Me because I was crying, he started off the morning being a douchebag, my 17 year old sister with autism, not being able to match clothes, my 7 year old sister, for reasons I can’t remember, and my mom for giving him dirty looks. So I feel like I can’t do anything to rebuild our relationship at all so I am now considering him not my step father.
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2021.12.06 03:29 basti94 我是一个男性,自认为是女性主义者AMA

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2021.12.06 03:29 NataLukas Locally produced shows now spinning on KORC

Locally produced shows now spinning on KORC Sunday nights hear a mix of funk, world, hip hop, punk, rock, jazz and other strange and poppy sounds. 9 to midnight 105.9 FM in Corvallis and at
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2021.12.06 03:29 manoftrenches After 10 hours of rest.

After 10 hours of rest. Finally I got a good sleep.
Now I'm thinking about what level to go to. But today I will not travel to particularly dangerous levels! 93 and the mysterious level was enough for me yesterday.
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2021.12.06 03:29 ItzACursed They are inside Roblox now. (yes out of all games, roblox is the one.)

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2021.12.06 03:29 enzo220 How to respond to this guy in the mall?

Hey all. I (F) work in a mall in one of the stands and this guy keeps staring at me and typing on his mobile. This happens every time I look at him and I cannot stand the tension anymore.
Do you think he wants to just talk to me and is shy or put a baby in me? Or maybe he is my brother from another mother? Would that type of relationship be allowed?
Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.06 03:29 DjinnBlossoms Basic Vocabulary

I've noticed that there frequently are misinterpretations or outright confusion in members' readings of Daoist texts. I don't mean that their personal understanding of what the texts say is incorrect. Everyone is entitled to their own interpretation of the DDJ, Zhuangzi, Liezi, etc. What I'm pointing at are misreadings based off of a translation gap. If you are only able to rely on translations and/or you're not familiar with the historical context during which these works were written and compiled, I think it's pretty difficult to be sure you're getting a full picture. You can certainly reduce this problem by reading multiple translations and/or, if the translator makes it available, you can read the translator's notes/commentaries to get a fuller sense of what the original texts say. However, these strategies still don't teach you about the actual Chinese words in question, nor do they always give you the necessary cultural background to make an appropriate interpretation.
For those who don't know, I studied linguistics and Chinese language and literature as an undergrad. Part of my major was learning classical Chinese, the language that the foundational Daoist texts are written in. Less relevant facts about me are that I have a master's degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, speak two dialects of Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), and have practiced martial arts for thirty years, with my main styles being Taijiquan and Baguazhang.
I've created a glossary of basic terms that I feel aren't conveyed thoroughly in most translations. I'm happy to add more entries as people suggest them. The format is the traditional Chinese characters, the simplified characters if there are any, the pinyin romanization, the Wade-Giles romanization, and then a definition provided with the necessary cultural context as necessary.

  1. Pathway, road 2. To tell, to describe. The character is comprised of the walking radical 辵 chuò/ch'o4, simplified as 辶, plus the phonetic component 首 shôu/shou3. Many schools of thought during the Warring States Period proclaimed their own 道, and philosophers from every school would seek audiences with various rulers in order to persuade them to adopt their philosophies in order to gain dominance over their rivals (or, at the very least, avoid being conquered). In Daoist philosophy, the Dao is characterized as an Implicit Path, something whose nature can be gleaned from examining the natural world, as opposed to a path that necessitated human action to create.
In the context of the DDJ, 德 refers to a concept similar to charisma or the Polynesian notion of mana. Often translated as "virtue", the important nuance here is that 德 refers to virtue in the root sense of potency as opposed to a moral quality, which is the direction that the Confucians took the term. This is why Arthur Waley translated Daodejing as The Book of the Way and its Power. 德 is a sort of soft power, an ability to influence the actions of others without resorting to physical coercion. The character has been written many different ways throughout history, and several variants would have been in use during the 4th and 3rd centuries BC. The modern character, however, is still instructive to explore. It is comprised of the movement radical 彳 chì plus an complex ideogram made up of a sprout 生 shēng growing out of an eye 目 above a heart/mind 心 xīn. This make up conveys the idea of a power that emanates from/affects the heart and eyes, generating growth and action. Thus, in Chapter 55 of the DDJ, the newborn infant is described as having the strongest 德, meaning that its charisma is the most potent. The chapter goes on to assert that insects and beasts won't molest the child, but this is hyperbole in service of a point: babies are cute and they can get people to do things even though they're essentially helpless and cannot physically induce anyone to do anything nor indeed speak intelligible language. The Dao is also thought to have this sort of power to influence the behavior of everything in existence, accomplishing everything without doing anything, the ultimate 德.
Often translated as "Heaven", 天 refers to the literal sky, which was believed to be a sentient, supreme power whose appeasement depended on ritual sacrifice of animals by the Zhou kings and whose approval or displeasure was expressed in the form of meteorological events (helpful rain, floods, droughts) as well as other phenomena and calamities (earthquakes, disease). Worship of 天 during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BC) contrasts with the worship of 帝 dì/ti4, the high deity, during the preceding Shang Dynasty (c.1600-1046 BC). 天 has a counterpart in 地 dì/ti4 "the earth", not to be confused with 帝, and the two 天地 together form the world, with 天 having supremacy over 地, which takes a passive, receptive role.
萬物/万物 wànwù/wan4wu4
Literally meaning "ten thousand things," this term is used to refer to all living and a number of non-living things in existence. During the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, the Chinese didn't have a number term larger than 萬, so the term should not be understood to literally refer to ten thousand things exactly, but should rather be taken in the sense of "the biggest number possible; the innumerable; the myriad; the gazillion bajillion things". The translation of 物 is also tricky, as there isn't a corresponding category in English for what the term means in Chinese. The English word "thing" is a bit too broad to be a perfect translation. Suffice it to say that 物 definitely refers to all animals and plants and can also extend to certain non-living objects that undergo (to human perception) change and that don't dwarf humans outright but that aren't considered otherwise to be a part of 天地, which decidedly are not 物. Rocks under a certain size, clouds, smaller bodies of water can be thought of as 物, but a mountain arguably is not 物 but part of 地, and this would be a function of scale relative to a human being as well as their perceived unchangingness. Likewise, the planets and the stars would arguably not qualify as 物. Ultimately, though, the term 萬物 can loosely be translated as "everything in the world".
無為/无为 wúwéi/wu2wei2
Various common translations include "non-striving", "non-ado", "non-acting", and so on. The term 為, not just in Daoism but in Chinese philosophy writ large at the time, specifically carries the connotation of contrivance or artifice. It's critical to understand that not every action is 為. When you have an itch on your elbow and you scratch it without a second thought, that is not 為, that is 自然 zìrán, "natural", literally "being so of itself". Conscripting tens of thousands of soldiers to secure your borders, that would be 為. A more efficient plough design, that would also be 為. 無為 therefore connotes an approach to living that harmonizes with the path of least resistance, the Implicit Path of the Dao.
Usually used as an adjective in early Daoist texts, 神 can be translated as "numinous". This is in contrast to typical translations of "holy", "sacred", "divine", etc. To a certain extent, all these words are synonyms, but there is some nuance to attend to in translation. To a Western audience, the terms "holy", "sacred", "divine" unavoidably get associated with a Judeo-Christian frame of reference, which has already informed our conceptions of what these words mean, even if some Westerners aren't worshippers of the God of Abrahamic tradition. The word "numinous", on the other hand, remains fairly obscure and thus comes with a lot less baggage. Also, "numinous" is a few degrees vaguer than the other terms, leaning into the meaning-space of "supernatural" while still able to access the semantics associated with "divine". This is a desirable trait of "numinous" as there is no deity to speak of in the early Daoist texts (天 is debatable--even if it could be considered a deity, it isn't referenced as the source of anything that is 神), so avoiding an implication of the counterfactual makes for a stronger translation in my opinion. Other plausible translations might be "sublime" or "miraculous".
This word refers to your literal heart that beats inside your chest, but it also refers to what we would call the mind. The Chinese belief that cognition as well as emotion stem from the heart is ancient, going back at least to the Zhou dynasty. The brain was regarded as basically surplus 精 jīng--that is, sexual essence--and no one thought that it had anything to do with thinking. My understanding is that the ancient Egyptians felt similarly, considering the brain a store of fat and nothing more, which is why it was removed and discarded during the mummification process. I've seen a lot of translations referring to "emptying hearts" when a better translation would probably be "emptying minds", or at least "emptying hearts and minds". Before you judge the Chinese for their weird belief that thoughts occur in the heart, remember that the Western tradition is to attribute feelings to the heart, too, which is equally as false--the heart just pumps blood.
Finally, I will say that I'm pretty confident there will be those who will be unhappy that my glosses change the meaning of the texts as they had heretofore understood them and would prefer to hang on to their old interpretations. To them I say: No one is stopping you. Feel free to ignore this post. However, for those who desire to get closer to the meaning in the original Chinese texts, I sincerely hope you find my work helpful.
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2021.12.06 03:29 Loreacle Found where the chickens were hiding their eggs!

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2021.12.06 03:29 Alexlam24 A carbon fiber wasteland today

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2021.12.06 03:29 octarineglasses Resignation and Name Change

Has anyone else had issues resigning and getting your records removed after a name change and move? My old name is with the church (not legal on any documents anymore though). I had issues with QuitMormon, so I ended up just making a new account. I’ve also tried talking to the bishop with no luck. I moved twice since trying to start this and it’s been a mess. I really just don’t want them to have my info and to stop emailing me, especially emailing me by my old name.
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2021.12.06 03:29 Gummyspiders Can grades/rank go down?

I haven’t been playing long but I made it to silver, But randomly I noticed I was back down to bronze, I tried looking it up but people have just said that can’t happen, so could it be a glitch? I did get an error message maybe 2-4 times before saying player level update error, but I thought it was just about the character you play as, and I don’t know when it went back down so I have no idea what happened. Idk I thought it went down cause I was ass or something but I’ve never actually seen it go down after doing bad.
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2021.12.06 03:29 legolee PEPE lissandra

PEPE lissandra I saw a post asking for a pepe lissandra. I had nothing on my hands so I made this. Hopefully you guys find it fun :)
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2021.12.06 03:29 RosieWorks Budget Friendly UPS for DS420+

I was hoping someone could recommend a relatively budget friendly UPS for my Synology NAS DS420+ with 4 x SG Iron Wolf 6TB NAS Drives.
I have had issues with the NAS shutting down, the power in my house has been prone to turning off randomly lately and i get notifications saying my NAS improperly shutdown.
I just want to protect the data and drives and ensure it shuts down safely, i don't need anything that will keep the system up for hours etc.
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