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Why The Celtics Are Below .500

Why we need to lower our expectations on this Celtics season A lack of player development, miscast role players, and stars who aren’t self-aware have been the ingredients to a sub-.500 regular ... Why Udoka is to blame for the Celtics’ struggles. Udoka isn’t responsible for all of Boston’s issues, but he’s certainly had a hand in their struggles. Recent Celtics Transactions Jan 19, 2022 - Bryn Forbes was acquired by the Denver Nuggets in exchange for Bol Bol , P.J. Dozier , a conditional 2028 2nd round pick (DEN own) and cash. I (get) the anonymous source thing, and I understand why you have to write it. And I understand that’s part of it, telling stories.” “Sometimes people don’t want to put their name on it, but I take it with such a little grain of salt,” continued the Celtics president with an abundance of skepticism.

2022.01.22 00:09 chrismatic13 Why The Celtics Are Below .500

Through 47 games so far, the Celtics have a 23-24 record. That means the Celtics have lost more games then they’ve won. In order to be above .500, the Celtics need to start winning more games than they lose.
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2022.01.22 00:09 whatitiswhatitwas Twisted Metal: Black (2001)

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2022.01.22 00:09 simplyevergreen cant stop crying

i have to get on the plane home in a couple of hours. i’m hoping to come back for longer in july but it just feels so far away. i don’t want to leave. i miss them already :(
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2022.01.22 00:09 Squidward_Tennis Honestly, why even bother grinding the worldwide raid event if nobody's going to bother matching RR's? I get that you pulled Bardock but don't be desperate about it...

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2022.01.22 00:09 Happy_Professional_4 RGB issues...

Complete my built this week and was excited about syncing all the RGBs together instead of seeing rainbow puke. I have EK 3090 waterblock and a EK quantum waterblock for my 5950x, dark hero mother board, and my fans are Lian Li AL 120. After installing Lian Li L connect 2 which is the software intended for AL 120 fans, my CPU and GPU waterblock RGBs went dark... I tried to uninstall L connect 2, but my GPU and CPU RGBs stayed dark.... anyway I can change that???
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2022.01.22 00:09 Mr-Blues5 2 years of progress…deleted during the new update.

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2022.01.22 00:09 jimbosayna2009 Groundbreaking study links grandparents' smoking to your body fat

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2022.01.22 00:09 madibeli Different materials for bid

I had two electricians bid to upgrade my service to 200 amps. I dont really need it yet but I might add another small building and I want the option.
One bid uses 4 wires (#3) one bid uses 3 wires (#2). Which is correct?
This is the biggest expense so I'd like to get it right!
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2022.01.22 00:09 Willing-Clock-8884 0YlLHr

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2022.01.22 00:09 Sandiamayonessa Best travel CC

What is the best travel CC where I have access to the airport private lounges? And go..
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2022.01.22 00:09 Storm_Raider_34 I used to have a generator rex toy

I just remember having a generator rex toy with the battle saw and a little evo and I have a memory of chewing on the saw and stepping on the little evo that came with it.
God I wish I was rich enough to have every generator rex toy
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2022.01.22 00:09 onedaywhenwearecats 9 weeks pregnant, 36f, and miserable. First pregnancy was 13 yrs ago and didn’t feel this bad. When is it considered concerning?

I’m getting depressed with the fact the last 3-4 weeks I have felt absolutely horrible. I am 9 weeks and have been getting worse and worse. It was not like this my first pregnancy. :(
This isn’t mild fatigue. Or nausea. Can not stand for more than 5 minutes otherwise get dizzy and super hot. Constant stomach pain. Some relieved by passing gas, some lower pelvic area cramping, fatigue of course, unable to even drive because of how dizzy I feel. Am unable to get up and leave the couch sometimes for hours.
I did buy a BP monitor per my OB, always fine, taking prenatal, drinking lots of water, just feel horrible. the first appointment isn’t until next Wednesday. There they will do an ultrasound. Check blood etc.
I’m sure a lot of it has to do with my age. But I was not this incapacitated. Thank god I work from home otherwise I would have lost my job already. Even working from home I had to call in 2 times so far because of not being able to get out of bed.
I feel I am the only one who feels this is more serious :( that this isn’t normal. But everyone including the OB’s don’t seem too concerned. I literally am bed bound 90% of my day. This is not ok.
Anyone else experience this? Any tips to ask the OB to check next wednesday?
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2022.01.22 00:09 mudblo0d [ISO] grey sage FULL ZIP SCUBA size Xs/s. Will pay $$$ depending on condition.

Lost mine at the airport 😭
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2022.01.22 00:09 Ezper145 Has anyone modded their Mocute 060?

I bought one and there are some stuff I really don't like about it, but it was worth my savings... lol. Just wanna know if I could fix this myself
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2022.01.22 00:09 xtremeree123 [EVENT] Australian Defense White Paper, 1969

Commonwealth of Australia October 1969
The situation in the region is rapidly evolving and Australia is risking to be left behind its potential adversaries, with Prime Minister Malcolm pledging to fully reform the military, the Ministry of Defense today publishes the Australian Defense White Paper, 1969, with significant changes over all branches of the Australia Defense Force.
The Australia Defense Force has long relied on its reservist component at the detrimental of its permanent forces, this reduces battle readiness and coordination within our military. After the two world wars, the public's trust and respect for the military has grown to a level that most citizens are now comfortable with the idea of a permanent professional armed force.
Conscription in Australia will be indefinitely suspended, even in times of war, instead we are opting for a voluntary army through extensive advertising and media campaign, as well as decent wages, benefits and a clear career path with multiple options.
The reserve components will all be significantly reduced, to around 30% of the active forces, reservists who were cut are offered to be active soldiers of the ADF.
The active component Army will be reorganized into two divisions and one brigade (will be detailed elsewhere):
1st Division (15,000)

2nd Division (15,000)
201st Armored Brigade (5,000)
The Reservist Component will be capped at around 8,500 troops, organized into the Army Reserve Forces Command (ARFC):
Army Reserve Forces Command (10,500)
Alongside, the restructuring of the Army, new equipment will continue to be bought to modernize and enhance our fighting capabilities.
The structure of the Navy remains relatively unchanged, with just the Reserve Component being capped at around 3,850 soldiers. However, within the next four years, the Navy will look to replace its two Majestic-class carriers with more modern ships, modernizing its existing ships as well as acquiring four additional frigates to bolster its AAW and ASW capabilities.
Air Force
Like the Navy, the structure of the Air Force hasn't been touched, however, it is extremely disturbing that for the past decade, Australia has relied on outdated Sabre fighters for the defense of its airspace. The Air Force will go through extensive modernization in the next 5 years, to replace all of its obsolete fighters with modern ones.
Special Services
A new branch called the Royal Australian Special Services (RASS) will be created, under the ADF. It will be organized into:
The Special Boat Service is a riverine special forces modelled after the American Navy SEALs and will receive training from American advisors.
The defense budget of Australia will remain steadily at 3% of its GDP during the next 3 years.
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2022.01.22 00:09 gamerboi_ivan Does anybody have a cheap Cyber Dragon Deck List

I want to build a cyber dragon deck and Im wondering if there is a good f2p cyber dragon deck list
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2022.01.22 00:09 Strong-Garage3179 USDT BEE STAKE!!

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2022.01.22 00:09 Digital_Coins Upcoming NFT Voxel Universe "Tour of Japan" Collection. Presale starts Jan. 26th & Public 27th 6:00 PM UTC. Information in comments!

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2022.01.22 00:09 Lil_Fuzz Fish Lady tagged in Delores mid dance.

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2022.01.22 00:09 hodorstonks Missing coins for 2 cycles now

I should have some coins deposited from awards but for at least the 2nd month in a row only the 700 monthly coins have deposited… how do I receive the coins from awards or resolve this issue?
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2022.01.22 00:09 Yorch-86 Daisy Ridley

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2022.01.22 00:09 LaplacianRED [US-AL][H] D65 Custom Build

D65 Mechanical Keyboard - (KBDFans)
Case: Gray Aluminum
Switches: Gatreon Ink Black V2s - Lubed w/ 205g0
Plate: Polycarbonate
Gasket mount, Hot-Swappable (3 & 5 pin), KBD67 MKII RGB V2 (Via Compatible)
Stabs clipped and lubed.

Looking for $200 + Shipping or Local. US Only.
Fantastic keyboard, served me well but I've moved on to another keyboard already.
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2022.01.22 00:09 AN-FO Week 3: Astrid Kirchherr - Mirror mirror on the wall...

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2022.01.22 00:09 jmandawgfan What does CBT stand for

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2022.01.22 00:09 elimeno_p 🎁

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