The Monsterverse Lives, but...

The MonsterVerse is an American multimedia franchise and shared fictional universe that is centered on a series of monster films featuring Godzilla and King Kong, produced by Legendary Entertainment and co-produced and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.The first installment was Godzilla (2014), a reboot of the Godzilla franchise, which was followed by Kong: Skull Island (2017), a reboot of ... Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Godzilla King of the Monsters NECA Monsterverse 65th Anniversary 2019 Figure at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!

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2022.01.21 23:53 NetworkLlama What is the link between Marxism as a political ideology and Marxian analysis of history?

I have seen numerous posts examining historical societies using Marxian analysis, which seems to differ from Marxist analysis but I'm not sure how they differ.
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2022.01.21 23:53 ndfan022 Butts all prepped for an early morning smoke! Little lady invited me to cousins night so needed to smoke something. One of the boyfriends is a firefighter so taking the opportunity to show a little appreciation to him and his brothers at the firehouse with a second one.

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2022.01.21 23:53 PandaSnails Cia having some fun with storage and note blocks in the Minecraft world server! [English Stream]

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2022.01.21 23:53 Bearzap34 Just started

Just started Gardens of the Moon, and holy crap you guys weren't kidding about it being confusing. I'm I just finished Wheel of Time a few days ago so I guess I expected more world building, not just to be thrown into such an expansive rich world.
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2022.01.21 23:53 EnthusiasticPhil How have I never noticed the freakin’ mammoth ton this dude talks about himself?

I unfortunately am not in the thriving away stage but still stuck in the stage of surviving every escalating mood, command, tyranny, ramblings, aggressions and too many more from the man I used to think the world of, when I looked at him with the honey tinted lenses of a child.
His is toxicity is rooted— or perhaps the other way around— with his overwhelmingly virulent religious beliefs. They go hand in hand together, his abuse and his principles. He grounds himself with it, his doubts and fears with verses and psalms. Repeating words like they are mantras, comforting himself and justifying the behaviours he denies religiously. How could he be the bad guy when he is the chosen of God? How could he be abusive when all around him is the evidence that God favours him?
He persistently tells us every damn day in every Bible study: “we are blessed.” “The best is yet to come” “God has big plans for us” “we will have the last laugh, then they will see” “we are chosen ones of God”
Every Bible study is scheduled, on 8am in the morning and an evening one at 5pm. If it’s a good day he’s either too tired to enjoy the sound of his own voice for today (which is rare) or he’s too busy watching Conspiracy theorists on YouTube, and instead of an hour and a half long preaching from him we skip to the prayers. And On a tolerable day we only have to sit through just one of them.
Today was a tolerable day.
This Bible study mirrored many of its predecessors that I and my siblings have had to experience since we were infants. He sits reclined on his bed as if it was a make-shift throne. Me and my siblings sit on the hard wooden bench, looking at him neutral faced and listening silently. This is how it’s always been, and I fear this is how it’ll always be.
We all, children, take the places we’ve learned to take. We know the consequences of moving wrong and thus top priority is avoiding any escalation. My little sister sits beside him in the bed, barely listening, fiddling with her shirt. I used to be in her place, until I grew my own opinions and he punished me for it. Then it was as if the floor was pulled from my feet, only then I realized the battlefield that is this household.
My eldest sister sits still in the corner with a neutral expression, my brother straight backed silent like a brick wall and intently listening. Each placing our father on their own mental pedestal. I try not to glare as our father enjoys the sound of his own voice, speaking about how blessed we are.
He goes on and speaks badly about the people around us. I realized he finds joy in knowing and thinking that other people are suffering more than him. It feeds on his need to know that God favors him. For apparently god only blesses the ones he favours, and punishes the ones he hates with suffering. “We are so blessed, and look at them who struggle to find food to eat”. As a child It didn’t make me feel blessed, it made me feel ashamed and guilty for my privileges, it made me question God which made me ashamed and guilty in turn, it made me get blamed every time I got sick. For apparently God’s children are always healthy and strong.
And I wonder how I never seemed to notice the sheer amount he compliments his own being. When he compliments us it’s always us associated with him and his legacy. For me and my siblings are just extensions of him. Seriously, if I had a cent every time this man talked about himself in every Bible study I’d be a ruler of a distant planet.
I always ignored it and assumed he meant well. It reminds me of one time I commented to my brother about how problematic some things our father says are sometimes and he told me “you see, don’t just the things he says at face value, underneath you will see his true meaning”
This was when we had a short discussion on our father’s belief that all drug users should be shot and killed.
Now as I continue to process the fact that he could be narcissistic, taking in all the videos, books, and posts on this sub. I can’t help but see how absolutely messed up everything is. I can no longer ignore it and put up the paper thin veneer of a picture perfect family. Now I find everything tainted and dirty. The walls, the furniture, the beds, they’re all covered in old stains of tears, sweat, saliva, and blood. The memories of laughter and smiles from the honey lensed child are tainted. In the background it’s filled with the hints and aromas of barely suppressed violence and aggressions.
My mother cried, my father shouted. He beat my eldest brother and the old man who lived here. Eventually my eldest brother left, my mother left, the old man left, and now I daily fantasize of packing my own bags.
I can’t wait to be rid of this and not think of his existence anymore.
And I know probably that’s a horrible thing to think — my siblings would be appalled if they ever heard me say such— but I refuse to put the man who beat and threatened to kill my cats just for meowing too much on that pedestal— I can’t respect a man who continues to hurt and preach hatred and anger. Not anymore.
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2022.01.21 23:53 EnumeratedWalrus Booking Bryan Danielson's AEW World Championship Reign: Prologue and Chapter 1

Before I begin this booking, I have the following message… Since I joined FBE, I have looked up to and respected u/KirkHammettJigsaw, known henceforth as “Kirk.” Kirk and I have been friendly in group chats, I think he is a great booker, and I have no problem admitting that booking head to head with him is a dream match of mine. Going into this week, I would like to disclose I messaged Kirk and suggested this prompt: “Book a Bryan Danielson AEW World Title Reign.” Kirk accepted and set the rules for three parts. I offered this prompt fully knowing that my sole loss thus far came from booking AEW and knowing that Kirk has stated he most enjoys and is best at booking Bryan Danielson. But Kirk doesn’t know why I chose this prompt…
Kirk doesn’t know that this is personal.
December 15th, 2021. FBE Spoiler Chat. EnumeratedWalrus: I think Bryan should have beat Omega for the belt.
KirkHammettJigsaw: Walrus, THATS a hot take
EnumeratedWalrus: Heel champ Bryan Vs Hungry challenger Hangman would have worked better
KirkHammettJigsaw: After all that Page buildup
KirkHammettJigsaw: You wish they gave it to Bryan
EnumeratedWalrus: Page was gone for two solid months. Bryan was HOT since he came to AEW
KirkHammettJigsaw: Youre a good booker, Walrus, but if anybody ever booked that in FBE I wouldn’t vote for them
EnumeratedWalrus: Also Bryan/Omega > Hangman/Omega
KirkHammettJigsaw: You really just didn’t wanna pay off the 3+ years of build?
EnumeratedWalrus: Kirk, I’m not saying there can’t be a blowoff
KirkHammettJigsaw: nah, the blowoff needs the belt
KirkHammettJigsaw: it was a huge part of it
KirkHammettJigsaw: Ill go far enough to say that if Hangman didn’t take the belt off Kenny I would’ve lost all of my faith in AEW
EnumeratedWalrus: If they were going to put the belt on Hangman, it should have been done at All Out. If not, move on to the next hottest guy and add some unpredictability
KirkHammettJigsaw: Adding some unpredictability aint always good. That’s the Russo way
KirkHammettJigsaw: Walrus, he needed a bit more adversity first
EnumeratedWalrus: How much adversity did he gain by leaving for two months?
EnumeratedWalrus: I might do a bonus booking of how I would have ended Omega’s title reign
KirkHammettJigsaw: Remind me to report it

To be fair, Kirk did say I was a good booker…
Kirk was not the only one who disagreed with me. STEEZ, Ape, Elmer, Happy, and Fruit all sided with Kirk in stating that Hangman should have always been the man to beat Omega for the belt.
Ever since then, Hangman’s title reign has not sat well with me…
Facing Kirk in booking warfare was always going to be an uphill battle, but this is a hill I’m willing to die on. Throughout this booking, I am going to detail how I feel Kenny Omega’s title reign should have ended and how the subsequent storyline between Bryan, Omega, and Hangman should have been booked. I know I am aiming to change at least five of FBE’s most influential hearts and minds with this booking, and I know the very subject matter may cause me to lose, but for me this is about vindication.
This is more about a title to me.
This is about legacy.
Kirk, though Corey Youngblood would never admit it, the man behind him will. I have tremendous respect for you and if I lose this week it will be done fair and square. You and I can have disagreements, I expect nothing less. But by questioning my ability to book this storyline you have pushed me to the point where I can’t stands no more. If I am going to beat you, I am going to do it right: with your favorite wrestler and the storyline you despise the most. So in closing…
Kirk, report this you son of a bitch.
I’m sorry.
I love you.
Background Okay, now that I got my personal feud out of the way, let me explain why I am so dead set on booking this storyline. It boils down to three reasons:
1. Kenny Omega was not booked strongly as champion. Looking through Kenny’s track record, in all of his major title defenses he required the help of The Young Bucks or Don Callis. He won the belt from Jon Moxley off of a distraction from Don and then concluded the feud with more interference and [THE WORST END TO AN AEW PPV]( Omega then only defended the belt on four other occasions. Two of these matches were pretty good, (Fenix and Jungle Boy, respectively) however both took place on free television. Omega’s other big defense was at Double Or Nothing in a triple threat against the fearsome bastard PAC and… Orange Cassidy.
Now look, I’m a fan of Orange Cassidy and I know he’s a fine wrestler, but with his current gimmick and storylines he should be nowhere near a world championship. If the match had simply been Omega Vs PAC I likely wouldn’t be talking about this right now and Omega likely would have looked stronger because of it, but instead of pinning one of the pound for pound most athletic wrestlers in the world, Omega snuck a win by pinning Orange Cassidy in a triple threat that didn’t even main event the pay per view.
Omega’s title match against Christian was also fine as Christian is a great worker, however the handling of Hangman Page leading up to All Out made it feel like the match was simply out of place. The match itself is also largely unmemorable since it was followed by the debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson. While I am not going to book the entirety of Omega’s run for the sake of this booking, I wanted to touch on it for my second point.
2. The AEW World Title does not feel like a big deal. When I watch AEW, I watch for a certain number of things: The Four Pillars, any CM Punk promo, anything with Bryan Danielson, how ex-WWE wrestlers are treated, etc. However, due in part to how the AEW title was booked with Omega and how it is booked now with Hangman, the world title picture is actually one of my least favorite parts of the show. There have been tremendous highs, of course, especially with the two part series of Hangman Vs Bryan, Hangman himself has not wrestled outside of those two matches since winning the title and his next challenger is…
Lance Archer.
Lance Archer nearly killed himself with a moonsault and lost in the first round of a heavyweight title tournament.
It’s hard for me to be invested in this when I know clearly well that Hangman Page is not going to drop the belt to Lance Archer. This leads me to my third point.
3. It all feels so predictable. Throughout Omega’s entire title reign, the only way I saw it ending was with Hangman beating Omega. At Full Gear I was proven right.
I understand Hangman wanted to take time off for paternity leave. I don’t know how difficult the birth of his child was on his wife so I don’t want to criticize that decision too heavily. However for him to win the belt anyway it doesn’t make sense for AEW to heat him up in July only for him to leave for two months and return AS THE STAY PUFF MARSHMALLOW MAN.
He returned earlier, sure, but this is the heavyweight title picture for the love of Pete.
This is why I believe the booking of the AEW title should have been stronger. In this booking, my goal is get the title off of Omega and establish Hangman Page as a top star by elevating the worth of the AEW Championship and also giving Hangman and Omega a final showdown to end their storied rivalry.
And I’m going to use Bryan Danielson to do it.
BOOKING Prologue

I’m changing one crucial detail about this match. A Captain Fall Elimination Tag works just like a regular Elimination Tag but the one difference is if the Captain of either team is pinned, the other team automatically wins the match. The Team Captains here would be Hangman Page and Kenny Omega.
Much about this match stays the same. Hangman Page makes The Dark Order of all people look badass and The Elite show that they don’t know how to dribble.
Karl Anderson and Hangman Page start things off with Page taking the early advantage to thunderous chants of “Cowboy Shit!” Hangman’s team keep Anderson isolated in the corner. The Dark Order hits a thunderous onslaught of moves including an airplane spin by John Silver followed by a Fatality from the former Super Smash Brothers. Alex Reynolds gets the pin on Karl Anderson and is caught celebrating as Doc Gallows runs in with a massive Big Boot. One massive Chokebomb later and Alex Reynolds is the first casualty for team Hangman.
Stu Grayson enters the ring and brawls with Gallows to the outside. Hangman Page follows both men into the crowd and tries to coax Grayson back to the ring but Gallows nails the anxious millennial cowboy with a big boot. Both Grayson and Gallows are counted out as they were in the actual match. Evil Uno is in the ring pleading for Grayson to come back but when this fails, Uno falls victim to a vicious V-Trigger from an opportunistic Kenny Omega. Kenny then plants Uno with a One Winged Angel for the third elimination from Hangman’s team.
John Silver rushes in with a spear and nearly pins Kenny Omega but the Bucks break up the pin. The Bucks hit a BTE Trigger on Silver as referee Rick Knox looks on waving his arms before reluctantly counting another pinfall for Kenny Omega.
Brandon Cutler is seen celebrating on the outside when suddenly Hangman Page flips over the barricade with a massive Buckshot Lariat. The crowd pops but then becomes concerned as it is now Hangman Page all alone against The Elite. Hangman enters the ring and stands toe to toe with Kenny Omega, but Omega decides against this and tags in Nick Jackson.
Hangman puts up a valiant effort but the numbers game begins to catch up as Matt and Nick Jackson pelt Adam Page with double team after double team. Kenny Omega joins the fray and the three plant Hangman with a triple superkick. Nick Jackson then hits a 450 splash and covers but Hangman is just barely able to kick out. Kenny Omega becomes frustrated and demands a tag. Omega strikes with a V-Trigger as Hangman is trying to pull himself up with the ropes. Omega then tries for a One Winged Angel but Hangman begins to fight back. Hangman is able to twist himself around into a sunset flip and digs his feet in. Referee Rick Knox counts the pinfall.
Kenny Omega has been eliminated and the match is over.
Despite not pinning The Young Bucks, Hangman Page defeated the Team Captain Kenny Omega and thus earned a title shot for himself and the entire Dark Order.

Hangman Page is in the /ring and talks about finally being able to pin Kenny Omega. Hangman gets some bass in his voice and seems to be the most confident we have seen him since he had joined AEW in 2019. As the crowd cheers him on, he is suddenly interrupted by Kenny Omega. Kenny congratulates Hangman on the win but quickly rescinds his congrats and calls the win a fluke. Kenny then wishes Hangman luck at All Out… if he makes it there.
That is when The Young Bucks attack.
Just as it occurred in real life, The Young Bucks land BTE Trigger after BTE Trigger on Hangman Page. The Dark Order storm the ring but are fended off by Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers long enough for The Young Bucks to do their damage. The fix was in and as The Bucks finally bail from the ring, Hangman is lying in the ring unconscious and his status is unsure for All Out.
August 2021: Kenny Omega has the worst month of his career. At this point, Kenny Omega is a triple world champion. Kenny has the AEW title, Impact title, and AAA Mega Championship. He also just destroyed the biggest threat to his title in Hangman Page, so all should be fine, right?
Well, not exactly.
At the first edition of AEW Rampage, Kenny Omega defends the Impact Championship against Christian Cage. This match plays out exactly as it did in real life. Kenny’s interference backfires as Christian hits the Killswitch on the steel chair to become the new Impact World Champion.
At Triplemania XXIX, Kenny Omega then defends the AAA Mega Championship against fellow AEW competitor Andrade el Idolo. This match also plays out the same as in real life, except this time Andrade beats Kenny Omega because OF COURSE HE DOES HE HAS RIC FLAIR WITH HIM WHAT ARE YOU DOING TRIPLE A?
Anyway, this leads to three angles: Andrade and Christian Cage both want title shots since they beat the AEW World Champion and Kenny Omega has become a paranoid wreck after losing three HUGE matches after maintaining a two year winning streak. It is decided the week before All Out that Andrade and Christian will face off in a Number 1 Contender’s Match for the AEW title with the winner facing Kenny Omega at All Out.

This is a decent match with a 20 minute time limit. Why do I say this? Because it hits the 20 minute time limit. Through constant distractions, interference and ref bumps caused by The Elite, Andrade and Christian fight to a draw before both men are viciously attacked by Kenny Omega. The rest of the Elite is involved in a massive brawl with Jurassic Express and The Dark Order at ringside, who are still rather cross that they have lost every title match they earned in the 10 man tag. Kenny blasts Andrade and Christian with V-Triggers before getting on the microphone. Kenny gloats about not having an opponent for All Out and simply says “Oh well,” before turning to leave. Suddenly, a familiar voice rings out in the arena…
“You don’t make the title matches, I MAKE THE TITLE MATCHES.” Tony Khan walks on stage fresh off of taking another pill and a half of Adderall and chastises Kenny Omega for interfering in this Number 1 Contender’s match. Tony then states Kenny does have a match at All Out and WILL be defending the title. Kenny begins to protest and tells Tony we will kill both Christian and Andrade before he’s booked in another triple threat like Double or Nothing. Tony then says not to worry, Kenny will be in a singles match and will be facing neither Christian nor Andrade…
The crowd begins cheering and Kenny is confused. As he turns from the stage, he is met with a Buckshot Lariat! Hangman Page is back and at All Out he is going to put the final nail in the coffin of Kenny Omega’s title reign.
(Side Note: I realize Hangman is on paternity leave at this time in real life, however, I think it is reasonable for him to work two extra shows before taking the rest of his time off.)

This match plays out much like the Omega V Christian match at the actual All Out. Page and Omega immediately begin with a hockey fight before the action spills out to the floor. Page gets the upper hand and slams Omega with a pumphandle suplex on the floor that leaves Omega writhing in pain. Page then goes to the top rope for a moonsault but Omega ducks out of the way. Page lands on his feet and charges Omega again, but Omega sidesteps and sends Hangman face first into the ring post.
5 minutes into the match, Hangman Page is busted open and looks concussed. Given the severity of the beating he suffered at the hands of The Young Bucks, referee Aubrey Edwards considers stopping the match several times throughout the bout but the gutsy Hangman begs her not to. Omega throws Hangman back out onto the floor and hits his own moonsault off the corner and taunts the crowd, showing them how its done.
Omega brings Hangman back to the center of the ring and lines up for a V-Trigger out of the corner but Hangman counters with a vicious Pop-Up Powerbomb. Hangman clutches at the ropes for support as the crowd has come alive. Hangman goes back in with a series of chops before planting Omega with a fallaway slam out of the ring! Hangman then launches himself to the corner and hits a picture perfect moonsault to the outside. A bloody and war torn Hangman is letting the crowd’s energy course through him as he throws Omega back in the ring and sets up a Buckshot Lariat. Hangman slingshots himself in but is met with a V-Trigger. Kenny Omega then hoists Hangman Page up for the One Winged Angel and connects for the pinfall.
Hangman Adam Page has become the first man to kick out of the One Winged Angel and Kenny Omega is livid. Kenny begs Aubrey for an instant replay but Aubrey stands firm and states Page kicked out at 2. Omega then gets frustrated and begins dropping Hangman again and again with snap dragon suplexes on his injured head. Omega then hoists Hangman to his feet and clutches Hangman’s wrist for the ripcord V-Trigger he adapted from Kazuchika Okada. As Omega turns Hangman around, Hangman ducks under Omega’s knee and delivers a massive Deadeye! Hangman covers for the win.
Both men lay exhausted in the middle of the ring and referee Aubrey Edwards begins the 10 count. Hangman is the first to his feet and begins laying in strikes to Omega. Page nails two lariats before hitting a third discus lariat in tribute to the late Brodie Lee, yet it is still not enough to put Omega away. Hangman goes back to the apron for another Buckshot attempt but Kenny levels him with a V-Trigger before Hangman is able to slingshot himself in. Kenny then meets Hangman on the apron and plants him with a skull splitting snap dragon suplex on the hardest part of the ring.
Hangman collapses at ringside as Omega lies on the apron spent. Omega stirs and rolls Hangman back in the ring for another pinfall attempt but only gets two. Omega then eyes the top rope and scales it for a Phoenix Splash. Hangman stops Omega and the two battle on the top rope with Hangman nearly hoisting Omega up for an Avalanche Deadeye, but Omega manages to get behind Hangman and crotch him on the turnbuckle. Omega, standing on the second rope, lifts Hangman on his shoulders and connects with a thunderous, Imploding Avalanche One Winged Angel.
Kenny Omega has defeated Hangman Page to retain his title at All Out.
The post match assault begins and the Dark Order tries to help their friend but its all for naught. Kenny then cuts a post match promo and berates the fans for thinking Hangman Page could beat him. Kenny says he’s taken out Christian and taken out Andrade and that anyone who could beat him is either retired, injured, or already dead.
You know what’s happening here.
[You know it’s all about tha BOOM!](
Adam Cole makes his way through the heel tunnel and confronts the Elite in the ring. He then immediately plants Hangman Page with a superkick and gets two kisses on the cheek from his tailor from The Young Bucks. Kenny once again berates the audience for thinking Adam Cole would attack him before turning his ire back to Hangman. Kenny congratulates Hangman on becoming a new father and advises him to stay home and raise his kid, offering maybe, just maybe, Hangman’s child will not turn out to be a failure like the father. Kenny then has The Young Bucks bring out knee pads with thumbtacks glued to the outside and offers Hangman permanent paternity leave. Just as The Bucks set up for the spot, the lights go out.
[And the crowd hears this wonderful sound.](
Out comes Bryan Danielson who shocks The Elite as he walks to the ring. The Dark Order attack and Bryan joins them in the ring, pelting Adam Cole and Nick Jackson with roundhouse kicks before all run for the hills. Despite the save, Hangman Page is injured and will be resuming his hiatus on paternity leave, however in his place Bryan Danielson is All Elite and this is where the booking formally begins.
Chapter 1: The Title Hunt.
This happened in real life and I plan to keep it. Adam Cole is cutting a promo with the rest of the Elite when they hear Flight of the Valkyries blast through the arena. Bryan Danielson gets in the ring and challenges Kenny Omega to a match. Kenny states AEW has a whole ranking system and Bryan can’t cut to the front of the line. Bryan offers a non-title match which Kenny seems reluctant to accept. Bryan, on a live mic, says he doubts Omega will accept because he knows Bryan is better than he is and Bryan is going to kick his fucking head in. A massive brawl breaks out including a returning Christian Cage, Andrade, and Jurassic Express and Bryan hits Brandon Cutler with a stiff Busaiku Knee.
Oh yeah, and the match is made official.

You know what this match is. I know what this match is. I’m not changing one damn thing. Instead of me recapping, do yourself a favor and rewatch this match. Thirty minute draw. The Bucks attack Bryan Danielson after the bell setting up a match between Bryan and Nick Jackson for Rampage.

I’m also not changing this match. Bryan wins with the Cattle Mutilation then calls out Matt Jackson. Bryan makes it clear in a post match promo that he has proven himself capable of going one on one with Kenny Omega and he will stop at nothing until he gets a rematch, even if he has to go through the entirety of the Elite to do so.

I dislike Matt Jackson more than Nick Jackson, so Bryan gets the win in 5 minutes with a heel hook. The Good Brothers attack after the match but Bryan fends them off before challenging them both to a match on Rampage.

I don’t give a shit about The Good Brothers, so Bryan pins Karl Anderson off of a Busaiku Knee because Sour Boy sucks.

Leading up to this match each of the participants are interviewed throughout the night. Matt Hardy is a ladder match veteran and wants all the gold to go with his money. Christian Cage is also a ladder match veteran and knows he can beat Kenny Omega. Andrade El Idolo has also beaten Kenny Omega and wants to make a statement. PAC states he has beaten Kenny Omega and is sure if he faced Kenny Omega one on one at Double or Nothing that he would be AEW Champion right now. Jon Moxley has become a more desperate and bitter man in the past year having lost his AEW World Championship and does not know what lengths he is willing to go to in order to regain that title. Bryan Danielson is interviewed and he states he has taken Kenny Omega to the limit and this could be his last shot to earn a title match before slumping back down the card. Bryan is far from worried however…
He has a thing for winning big ladder matches.
The Young Bucks catch wind that Bryan Danielson is in the ladder match and Kenny throws a fit. The Young Bucks reassure Kenny and tell him they can pull a few strings and, if that fails, The Joker will take care of Bryan.
The Young Bucks made good on their promise as Bryan Danielson is the first man to enter the ladder match followed by The Bastard PAC. Bryan and PAC tangle in the ring as the two chain-wrestle and try to get the early edge. PAC is able to outwit Bryan with a flurry of kicks before rushing to the outside to retrieve a ladder. The countdown ends and Andrade meets PAC at ringside. The two brawl by the ring before Danielson comes flying through the ropes with a suicide dive knocking both men to the floor. Bryan brings a ladder back in the ring and begins to climb but is stopped by Andrade who forces Bryan to the mat with a vicious sunset flip powerbomb. Andrade rushes back to the top of the ladder but is sent back down to the mat by PAC who springs in with a missile dropkick.
The countdown ends and Matt Hardy approaches the ring flanked by Private Party, The Hybrid 2, The Butcher, and The Blade. The Hardy Family Office lay waste to the current three competitors and it appears Hardy may be able to simply climb to the top of the ladder completely unscathed, but the Lucha Brothers arrive and manage to fend off The Hybrid 2 who were attacking PAC. PAC drags Hardy off the ladder and the other two teams try to defend their leader, but this only allows Andrade and Bryan to join the fray. Matt Hardy is able to regain control after planting PAC with a nasty Side Effect on the apron, but the clock has run out once again.
Christian Cage is at the top of the ramp and Matt Hardy stares out at his old rival. Hardy and his cronies beckon Christian to come in the ring and Christian is about to, but not without a Boy and his Dinosaur. Jurassic Express hit the ring and brawl with Private Party as Bryan and Andrade manage to fight back against The Butcher and The Blade. Christian and Matt Hardy then meet in the center of the ring and brawl themselves. Communication breaks down as Andrade and Bryan get in a chopping match that allows Butcher and Blade to regroup and triple team Christian with Matt Hardy. Butcher and Blade set up a ladder bridge on the outside and drape Christian across before Matt Hardy puts his old foe through it with a diving leg drop.
As Butcher and Blade try to drag their leader out of the wreckage, Wild Thing blares through the arena as Jon Moxley is the next competitor. Coming out of the crowd, Moxley has a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire that he swings at Butcher and Blade, causing both men to flee to the back upon being pelted with shot after shot carving wounds into their torsos. Back in the ring, Andrade tries for a Hammerlock DDT but is countered into the LeBell Lock by Bryan. PAC then appears on the turnbuckle and hits a Black Arrow to both men. All competitors are down as the final countdown sounds, and The Joker makes his appearance known…
[You know it’s all about tha BOOM!](
The nepotism of The Young Bucks strike again as Adam Cole makes his way down the ramp to what should be an easy victory. As Cole gets on the apron, he is stopped by Christian Cage grabbing his ankle on the floor, but Cole hops off and plans Christian with a Panama Sunrise dropping the veteran right on his head. Cole then delivers a superkick to PAC and Andrade before setting his sights on the poker chip in the center of the ring. Cole points up and shouts “ADAM COLE BAY BAY” before setting up a ladder, however the posturing has come back to haunt him as an angry Jon Moxley reemerges from the tunnel with barbed wire wrapped around his fist. Moxley is stopped on the stage by The Young Bucks, but a wild Eddie Kingston enters with a shopping cart and plows into the Bucks, allowing his friend to enter the ring. Moxley climbs the ladder opposite Cole and the two begin trading punches. PAC and Andrade then set up a ladder beside them and begin their own brawl.
Four of the top stars of AEW are on ladders trading blows and Bryan Danielson sets up a ladder bridge between the two to join the fray. Bryan is knocked down in but manages to snatch Cole’s heel through the rung of the ladder and has the Heel Hook locked in. Moxley reaches for the chip but PAC swings his leg around for a roundhouse kick. Andrade then takes advantage of PAC’s distraction and hooks him for a Hammerlock DDT sending both men crashing through the bridge Bryan had set up moments earlier. Moxley stomps on Bryan’s head to break the hold and fans begin to boo. Andrade meets Mox but Mox drops him with a Paradigm Shift. As Mox gets up, Cole nails a Last Shot to the back of the head and clutches his injured leg. Cole begins climbing with the injured limb but is met by Bryan. Bryan and Cole trade shots at the top of the ladder but it is Bryan who unleashes a flurry of headbutts that sends Cole to the mat. All alone, Bryan retrieves the Poker Chip and is heading to Full Gear.
The AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Since Bryan won the Casino Ladder Match, a new tournament must be made. Here are the first round matchups:
Miro Vs Dustin Rhodes
Andrade Vs PAC
Jon Moxley Vs Preston Vance
Eddie Kingston Vs Lance Archer
The first round goes mostly the same. Moxley defeats Preston Vance in a squash, Lance Archer nearly kills himself and Eddie Kingston gets the win, Miro destroys Dustin Rhodes in place of Bryan Danielson, and in the added matchup of Andrade Vs PAC, PAC gets a measure of redemption by defeating his rival Andrade. The second round is set to look like this:
Miro Vs PAC
Jon Moxley Vs Eddie Kingston
Miro would beat PAC in their match and Moxley would be set to meet his former rival and best friend Eddie Kingston in a rematch of their Full Gear bout last year.
However, some things are not meant to be.
Before the second round of the tournament, Jon Moxley checked into a rehab facility to address his alcoholism. Given this is a serious topic, I have decided to include this in my booking as well.
Eddie Kingston waits in the ring for Moxley’s replacement, but in my booking Miro is already in the tournament.
[So instead we get this,](
Hangman Page has made his return and he looks mad as hell. Page and Kingston tear the house down on the November 3rd edition of AEW Dynamite and Page manages to get the win with a Deadeye in the center of the ring. Hangman Vs Miro is set for Full Gear with the winner facing the AEW World Champion at a later date.
On the November 10th Dynamite, Hangman cuts a promo and states that at All Out he came up short, but he knows he was this close to beating Kenny Omega. Hangman states he is the first man to kick out of a One Winged Angel and he knows that scares Omega. Hangman pledges to win the AEW World Championship and claims he has no problem going through Miro to do it.
At Full Gear, Hangman would defeat Miro in a 20 minute contest finally felling the Bulgarian Brute with a Buckshot Lariat to the back of the head followed by another to the face. Hangman celebrates with the Dark Order and begins to walk up the ramp, but the convoy is interrupted by Bryan Danielson arriving for the main event. Bryan and Hangman stare each other down as Bryan makes his way to the ring, and Hangman walks back through the face tunnel to watch the match from the locker room.

Bryan and Omega meet in the center of the ring with the collar and elbow tie up. After some chain grappling Bryan locks in a standing Guillotine choke but Omega backs him up to the ropes. Bryan allows for a clean break and Omega slaps him across the face. Omega and Bryan take it back to the center of the ring and Omega tries for a snap dragon but Bryan rolls through looking for a Heel Hook. Omega grasps the bottom rope and takes a powder on the outside of the ring. Omega enters the ring again and quickly moves back outside. Bryan follows and Omega rolls back in the ring. As Bryan gets up on the apron Omega goes for a V-Trigger and Bryan just barely gets out of the way, tumbling to the floor to avoid the strike. Bryan reenters the ring and is met with Omega stomping away at his head, but Bryan manages to rise to his feet and both men begin clocking each other with chops and roundhouse kicks. This match is well underway.
Omega clinches Bryan and unloads with knee strikes before whipping Bryan into the corner. Bryan counters with a backflip over Omega’s head and hits the ropes for a huge clothesline. Bryan goes for another clothesline but is taken out of the air by Omega’s first V-Trigger of the night. Bryan goes to the corner for reprieve and Omega meets him with chops. Omega sets Bryan on the top rope looking for a superplex but Bryan counters with a rope assisted Arm Bar. The ref counts to four and Bryan lets go, sitting on the apron and shouting “I HAVE UNTIL FIVE!” to a thunderous pop. Bryan then begins working over Omega’s arm with stomps to the elbow and joint manipulation. The commentary team of Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross state Bryan is likely warming Omega up for a LeBell Lock attempt. Bryan stretches Omega’s shoulder out in a seated position and begins wailing on Omega’s collarbone with elbows. Bryan lets go and delivers a sharp roundhouse kick to Omega’s back but this seems to awaken the Best Bout Machine. Omega rises up suddenly and responds with a forearm but Bryan sends him straight back to the mat with another roundhouse to the chest.
Bryan applies a wrist lock and Omega fights to his feet, knocking Bryan silly with a headbutt in the corner. Omega then lifts Bryan for a rolling senton followed by a second rope moonsault. For Bryan “THERE IS NO ESCAPE” as Omega hits both moves flush and covers for a 2 count. Omega chops Bryan again and snapmares him out of the corner before rising to the second rope to deliver a missile dropkick to the back of Bryan’s head. Omega goes to shoot Bryan off to the ropes but Bryan counters and Whips Omega instead. Omega catches himself on the opposite rope and ducks a clothesline from Bryan. Omega then leaps to the top rope and plants Bryan with a springboard moonsault for a 2 count. Omega seems to have taken control of the bout in its latter stages which has taken Bryan off guard. Omega hits another V-Trigger immediately following the kickout and goes for the One Winged Angel but Bryan begins to fight out. Bryan tries for a reverse Frankensteiner but Omega is able to muscle him back up and hit Croyt’s Wrath for a 2. Omega holds on and manages to hit two Snap Dragon Suplexes before hitting a Bridging Dragon Suplex for another 2.
Omega begins toying with Bryan and hitting him with roundhouse kicks while Bryan is in a seated position. Bryan’s chest is raw from the abuse of this match but he only seems to be getting fired up with each kick from Omega. Omega goes for a kick to the head but Bryan catches it and locks in a Heel Hook. Omega is able to grab the bottom rope for the break and clutches his ankle as Bryan responds with roundhouse kicks of his own. Bryan misses the final kick and Omega hops up for a reverse Frankensteiner. Bryan is dazed against the ropes and Omega goes for a V Trigger but Bryan counters with the Busaiku Knee!
Bryan goes to the top as Omega recovers and aims for a Diving Headbutt but Kenny moves out of the way at the last second. Kenny draws Bryan up for the One Winged Angel but Bryan drops elbows down onto Omega’s injured shoulder, bringing him down to the mat and finally locking in the LeBell Lock. Omega rolls around the ring in agony trying to find a way out or get to the ropes but Bryan has it cinched in. Just as Omega nearly has a rope break, Bryan rolls back and drags Omega to the center of the ring to lock in the CATTLE MUTILATION. Unable to roll or move to the ropes, Kenny Omega taps out and Bryan Danielson is crowned the new AEW World Champion.
After the match, it is announced Omega will be taking time off to heal numerous injuries and Bryan Danielson will be live at AEW Dynamite as the new AEW Champion. Many suspect Number 1 Contender Hangman Adam Page will be waiting for him.
This concludes part 1. I’ll see you in Part 2: The Title Reign
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Currently have a MK7 with a stock downpipe and stage 1 tune. I don’t want to get an aftermarket downpipe because emissions testing is strict in my state. Wondering if anybody has the AWE Track Edition catback with a stock downpipe and if the change in noise/tone is worth the almost 1k I would be spending. I don’t want to purchase the exhaust and it not sound much different lol. Thanks!
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Greetings, The country I live in is slowly becoming into a police state, allowing police to search phones at any time and modify data without warrants or any charges, and I for one don't want police planting evidence or seeing photos of me in compromising positions because my tags expired.
They use a service like cellebrite which hacks phones for police, giving them full access to everything on the phone. How can I protect myself against this as a Pixel 6 Pro user? Thanks for the responses.
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