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I'm testing my typing method, which I call Quick unconscious responses.

2022.01.22 00:10 AstralDemoNEater I'm testing my typing method, which I call Quick unconscious responses.

Method is that the questions are short and impersonal. Сan ask clarifying questions. Surprisingly but this method helped me to type myself, although I still do not exactly understand how functions work. Right now I'm experimenting with anonymous chats, and so far results are positive, and typed people agree with their type.
Problem with the method is that, often, even with quick questions difficult for people, if they not separate their natural behavior from that which is desirable or reasonable.
Values are always arranged like this:
Fi-Te Fe-Ti
Si-Ne Ni-Se
It`s enough to have two questions for two different functions, to understand other two. But better to clarify everything.

My values or group values - ? (Fi Fe)
The big picture, enjoying the moment, and quickly getting pleasure, Or remembering details of the environment to remember them, in order to analyze them later - ? (Se Si)
Accept the information that you just received as a fact, or immediately start thinking about acquired information - ? (Te Ti)
Many options or one - ? (Ne Ni)
I tried make the questions as obvious and correct as possible. But I'm still not sure if they're accurate enough.
When result is received. Will be necessary to know is a person L or E, based on preferences in thinking, looking at first two functions.

I need your opinion about accuracy of this typing method, and see if it makes sense, and if it can be improved.
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2022.01.22 00:10 jvn3 Tried everything for foot pain. Should I finally give CBD a try?

I always have heard about how great CBD is for pain but never felt the need to use it because ive never experienced chronic pain like this.
Pain in my foot started more than 6 months ago all of a sudden. Woke up one day and noticed sharp pain that would last the fist few steps upon waking up.
Ok ...that’s weird. I thought. Very quickly i realized this is not going away. My long walks / hiking in the summer starting becoming uncomfortable as my left foot just started feeling constantly pressured. It was not “ painful “ as in I need to quit my activities, mainly walking/hiking , to relieve myself or anything like that, its just that the constant feeling of pressure/ heaviness just made my walks not enjoyable. Anyways I finally decided to see a podiatrist who could not figure out why or where exactly the foot pain was occurring. Saw a doctor who put me in pain meds and wrongly suspected it could be arthritis, which got debunked when the x-ray report came showed everything as normal.
I then got an ultra sound report and that finally provided some details. It basically indicated early tendonitis, inflammation of tendons/ possible sprain, tearing of muscle, stuff like that.
Then I got referred to a Physiotherapist who did a lengthy diagnosis. Said it’s definitely uncommon but happens. Best explanation is i possible sprained my ankle during summer hikes somehow and did not feel/notice the impact until days later on. The physio pulled my foot and “ corrected “ the misalignments on bones or tendons.
Since then I have definitely seen improvement as i dont seem to notice that first pain during first few steps when i first wake up/ after a long break. However the general constant feeling of heaviness/ pressure around ankle area is still there when i am walking a lot. I have also identified pain points when i put my foot in certain positions. Will putting cbd oil on my foot help relieve the pressure? My physio said basically nothing more can be done because the issue only got corrected after six months. Because it was going on for so long, the adjacent tendon needs just as much as time to heal.
If anyone can relate, please share what cbd product helped you as im super new to cbd. Also im in canada so if recommending, please recommend items easily available in Canada.
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2022.01.22 00:10 CB-SW-Nerd This verified guy dared to call Yvonne "so wooden" and Sarah terribly written

>Chuck is a GREAT answer, especially since he has to generate basically all of the romantic energy because Yvonne Strahovski is so wooden (though in fairness they also did a really terrible job of writing and developing that character). But yea, Zach Levi makes that show work.
Did we watch the same show?
Obviously, I disagree especially about Yvonne. I think she was the best actor in the series and has even gotten better at her craft. I also think the show worked so well because of Zac AND Yvonne. They both carried it for me.
I realize this might come across as an overreaction because his tweet is likely an unpopular opinion in the first place and he is not even a critic, but I was taken aback when I saw that.
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2022.01.22 00:10 wlwspectre [Spoilers EP9] Just finished Season 1…

I’ve never played LoL but I’ve heard of it because I’ve been a gamer all my life. Tried out the show because the trailer looked interesting and I loved the animation. Was NOTTT expecting to love it as much as I do. Lost sleep and binged it in a couple hours.
The animation, the writing, the artsy feel and look… Like many people here, this show is my new hyper fixation and I simply cannot wait for Season 2.
Only complaint is I wish things were told a tad slower and we had many more episodes lol
I want to hear everybody’s theories on what they think will happen in S2. Is there anything confirmed that’s gonna happen?
I hope they show us more of VI’s trauma from seeing Jinx like that and also show us the trauma from her time spent in prison.
This show is trauma incarnate and I am so emotionally devastated I just want more 😩 lol
I just feel so sad and bad for Jinx. She just wanted somebody to love her. I just want to reach through the screen and hug her it’s just so sad to me. Its definitely a hard hitter when you rewatch it. There’s so much packed into every scene. I am just mind blown from the quality.
There are so many elements to this show that is so simply amazing I’m sure a lot of people can relate to. Because it’s so cool, I may even suggest it to my parents who aren’t even into animation.
Anyway, I hope Mel makes it out alive because I thought she was super interesting.
I’m betting Caitlyn’s mum is going to die tho and so that will be so sad and interesting to see that play out between the magnificent trio (Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn).
I’m hoping we see more of that scruffy little muffin creature whom I forget the name of lol and I hope we see more of Ekko. I want them both to have a larger part. I’m looking forward to the hex core jayce and viktor plot. I’d love to see more of ambessa I think her name was? That was so interesting to me. And sevetika.
I’m curious if there will be some kind of redemption arc for Jinx? Like I don’t know how Vi is going to forgive her (or the audience for that matter). Like Jinx seems gone mentally and she destroys everything in her path. She needs medication and therapy. I don’t think anything Vi can say will help her so I’m betting and hoping through a series of events Jinx will feel remorse and either turn herself in or run away and leave. There’s no “forgetting” everything she’s done. It would seem out of place for the writing to go in that direction but maybe so, unsure. Don’t know how you’d write that one tho lol
Of course tho I want them all to be happy and together but I just don’t see that happening. Not without more heartbreak at least lol
I hope we see flashbacks of Jinx and Silco and the time he took care of her. Like little snippets of memories because we were never shown what it was like to be parented by him. I’m sure that’ll be heartbreaking 😩 at this point I’m asking myself how can they add more heartbreak? lol
I love Caitlyn and Vi together. I hope we see them get together for real. I hope we see more soft moments and vulnerability between them. I’m such a sucker for the soft and cheesy stuff lol they seem good for each other. I hope at the very least not too much more heartbreak happens with in regards to their relationship. I hope their relationship turns out to be tension relievers in the writing not a point of pain and agony lol
If they introduce more LoL characters in season 2, I hope it doesn’t take away the focus of the story they are already telling with vi and jinx and Caitlyn. I hope it just adds to it.
I’ve seen people mention Vander becoming Warwick which would be so interesting but idk anything about that so idk if Warwick is capable of talking and remembering who Vander is but if so that would be so cool because we could see him talk with the trio and whatnot.
Even tho Mylo was an ass, I actually really liked him and his design so I was genuinely sad everyone died from their little group. THE SHOW IS JUST SO SAD DAMMIT AND SO GOOD!!
I want to see more Jinx and Vi moments give me that good emotional shite lol
I want to see Caitlyn and jinx interact more. And I would love more interactions with Caitlyn and jayce.
I can’t think of anything else but I’m sure I have more thoughts on it lol
Anyway, what would you like to see in Arcane Season 2?
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2022.01.22 00:10 ahumadero Original Jeff the Killer Image - What we know and what we think

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2022.01.22 00:10 JDutch921 anyone else notice how the Book of Boba Fett logo has the same color scheme as his old worn down armor?

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2022.01.22 00:10 Code40inthehouse NTC phone issue!

When my mom tries to call me it says number not registered and when I call her it says her phone is switched off (the phone is on). Also I can others and they can call me with no issues. Anyone there can you help me with this problem. (Using prepaid sim.)
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2022.01.22 00:10 Inevitable-Ebb-9421 LF: SP Exclusives, FT: BD Exclusives

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2022.01.22 00:10 JustWow555 My Boss Tierlist! (You can't disagree)

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2022.01.22 00:10 Armaasti Basic but cute outfit for low-level players! :)

(Showing off my borb)
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2022.01.22 00:10 djfil007 Watching in Canada (none listed on FE website?)

1 week away, decide to check my TV guide to see about recordings for Formula E... nothing. TSN, RDS (french TSN) and Discovery Velocity (who had alternate feed; also shows IMSA and WEC) all show nothing. Decide to visit the "Ways to watch" page on Formula E's website... nothing for Canada (just Youtube. Anyone got information about this? How did the ball drop for a Canadian broadcaster with the Vancouver ePrix on the calendar?
USA also doesn't show a broadcaster. Anyone in America able to confirm/deny if CBS Sports Network (who had it last year) is showing it in their guide? Their website doesn't appear to show it in their schedule either.
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2022.01.22 00:10 Tayo826 Cowboys fans freak out after 49ers defeat Dallas in Wild Card Game

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2022.01.22 00:10 davidstighansen I'm in Mauritania! The Adventure is Starting

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2022.01.22 00:10 Lol33ta Dragon Hunter by Adrian Wilkins

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2022.01.22 00:10 Homicder Anyone Know this cosmetic combo?

Thanks in advance!
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2022.01.22 00:10 jwinterm Got my boating club hoodie from http://monero.style courtesy of mochi. Would have paid in xmr but...of course I lost it all in a tragic boating accident.

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2022.01.22 00:10 dirtygremlin Matthew Herbert mix 1999

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2022.01.22 00:10 urinates nft

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2022.01.22 00:10 DrakonRax Glad they replaced the Water fountain filter back in 03!

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2022.01.22 00:10 lonelyraddishfarmer It's been stressful

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2022.01.22 00:10 haber-trend Sıcak! | SEC, MicroStrategy'nin Bitcoin muhasebe yöntemini reddetti #Bitcoin #MicroStrategy son saatin en çok aranan 6. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 4 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.22 00:10 Teeemooooooo Counter to Options FUD being pushed AGAIN

Honestly, it's tilting to see all the options misinformation that is constantly spread and upvoted by those who lack knowledge on options. The anti-option apes refuses to accept the response of "you just don't understand options" yet continue to sprout non-sense and refuses to learn when told the truth. That is why people are sick and tired of trying to explain it and instead, tell people to not touch options if you don't know what you are doing.
NO ONE HELD JAN 21 OPTIONS TO EXPIRY. Jesus...when Gherk told people to buy Jan 21 options back in November, he meant that you should buy Jan options to cover the Nov 24 potential run up period AND that you should roll your option closer to expiry. He even specifically said that if you hold your options to expiry, you're dumb and shouldn't touch options. On the week of Dec 25, Gherk even told everyone that they should roll their Jan options to Feb-March, with the later day the better. Also, it makes 0 sense why you would buy a jan 21 option and hold it to expiry WHEN THE DD SAYS THE RUN UP DATE STARTS ON THE 25th????So why are a bunch of posts coming out now saying that those who bought options are fcked today? There is such a strong push against options and it just doesn't make sense, unless...
(1) DRS - everyone is saying DRS is working but how? Where is the proof? Apex shutting off IRA DRS? It's possible. There could be other reasons but countering DRS is one of them. But there is concrete proof that DRS is hurting apes in the short term through the reduction of liquidity and allowing SHF to drop GME faster with less synthetic shares. That is not to say that DRS won't be beneficial in the long run but in the short term, its the reason why we even dropped to $100 and not stabilize at around $140-150 like the previous dips.
(2) As shown in Gamma girl's recent post, delta neutral is currently bearish. I wonder why? Because no one is buying calls anymore. With SHF and the general market, all buying puts on gme, the delta neutral is shifting heavily towards the down side. Normally if people bought calls, it would have countered this and stabilized gme's value. But the anti-option push has successfully helped SHF's drop GME with less volume and with a lower number of puts.
If you don't understand options, don't touch it, it's that simple. AND if you don't understand options, STOP SPREADING MISINFORMATION ABOUT OPTIONS. It's not that hard. Stop lying, stop bring up strawman arguments, stop nit picking data points to support bias, etc.
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2022.01.22 00:10 ghostynewt gonna turn my opponent's ears red with this move

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2022.01.22 00:10 theclubhardenvisits [Highlight] Harden with a tricky and one to cap off a personal 8-0 run

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