Too much or too little light, or other? Just moved and big change in available light (less now).

2022.01.21 22:45 SDLivinGames Too much or too little light, or other? Just moved and big change in available light (less now).

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2022.01.21 22:45 kolnikol Is key pouch supposed to snag?

Just wondering if your key pouches are also really hard to zip up. I have to hold one end of it in place otherwise it won’t zip easily. It’s annoying but if it’s just normal then I can get over it.
Thank you!
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2022.01.21 22:45 FigureAffectionate79 New bleeder valve?

Hey guys so after i had my wheel bearing replaced we noticed that the bleeder valve on the brake caliper was loose, so he tightened and we topped off on brake fluid well i keep checking it and i think its still leaking but its a way slower leak than it was before, can i just replace the bleeder valve would it be easier or will i have to replace the whole caliper? Its not ine thing after another with this piece of shit truck and its getting to the point where its nickel and diming me and im most likely gonna trade it in its paid off, right now i dont have a job but if i can take it to a shop to fix the bleeder valve or put a new one in than i can do that and keep the truck until i find something else.
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2022.01.21 22:45 LadyBug-SuperStar Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin! (Old fan art from 2018)

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2022.01.21 22:45 SupremoZanne What is your favorite song by The Beatles?

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2022.01.21 22:45 NezuMetal DAC to Active Speakers/Headphone [Newbie Question]

So i'm new to audio world and don't know where to ask this so please forgive my dumb question. I have an old laptop(with crap sound card of course) and an active speakers, is it worth to upgrade and buy DAC or should i just buy , because i noticed Headphone/speaker sounds louder and better when connected to my LG v30 phone. I have some questions:

  1. Is Usb-DAC and USB-soundcard basically same thing?
  2. Can i do this setup : Laptop -> USB-DAC -> Active speakers ?
  3. Can i connect usb-dac straight to headphone or i need to connect it to an amp?
Thanks in advance.
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2022.01.21 22:45 Sugnuf Huh?

Huh? Doesn't vasodilation decrease BP?
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2022.01.21 22:45 3D-Workshop Has anyone found alternate hotends for the CR-30 that heats up above 250C?

I see MicroSwiss Creality all metal hotend - but it doesn't say it's compatible with CR-30. Has anyone tested it or found another that supports temperatures above 250? I appreciate the help.
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2022.01.21 22:45 MecGuy2 WATCH: Thousands Of Pro-Life Americans Gather in Washington D.C. To Call For An End To Abortion

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2022.01.21 22:45 Kyle-marshmallow Good mouse and Keyboard?

I'm trying to find a nice keyboard or mouse for Minecraft. I play Hypixel Bedwars and Skywars a lot but I also play normal survival. Are their any keyboard or mice that you suggest?
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2022.01.21 22:45 Bomnastic I'm getting out now

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2022.01.21 22:45 Fantastic-Host1035 More pictures of me I’m pretty and adorable like everyone else (20) female

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2022.01.21 22:45 Wesmtbot @jam_croissant: @MendokusaiAehns

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2022.01.21 22:45 longhairdontcare692 Suffering is good for the soul

Some people often only going through life seeking those highs. I was once one of those people. I sought out comfort, and comfort only. When I had all comfort taken, I was lost. My sense of security was taken at a young age when I no longer felt loved my family. And I felt so loved by you Sampie and I didn't appreciate it until it was taken. I want you to know just how smitten And loved you are now. But I don't think your going to ever come back to give me that. Maybe I should back to writing live letters again. I've noticed that all your friends have blocked me now. They seem to have reached their end point with me as well. It seems like our story has ended. I will finally have to move on. A broken and damaged person fell in love with you and a broken and damaged person is still here. I have learned some valuable life lessons from you, and from them So it seems. So don't hate me and don't hate yourself. Just reach out and I will come find you I. The darkness if you need. And if not then take my love for you and live yourself.
Love Me
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2022.01.21 22:45 Boneloc I’ll bet a lot of people are having meatloaf for dinner tonight.

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2022.01.21 22:45 freewilllibrary The Disintegration of Yugoslavia | Noam Chomsky

The Disintegration of Yugoslavia | Noam Chomsky submitted by freewilllibrary to SocialDemocracy [link] [comments]

2022.01.21 22:45 ilive_ babe

Just wanted to give props to babes' actor. She gave a great performance and i really enjoyed her storyline, even if it was a short one.
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2022.01.21 22:45 zuludog Canyon Endurance CF 7 Etap

Is there any parts like bearings for is bike that a local bike store would not be able to source.
Asking before I buy the bike so I go in with my eyes open
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2022.01.21 22:45 Vicent179 la pandemia afecto en su estado de animo?

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2022.01.21 22:45 Simple_Entertainer13 My (23f) bf (24m) got matching tattoos with me but lies to other people about what it means Bc he’s ashamed of me

As the title says…and this is so fucking pathetic. So my bf and I have had and on and off relationship for a few years. We really do love each other but our last break up was insane. I have to keep it private but I instigated our last break up. We reunited several months later on my bday. For my birthday , he paid to get us matching tattoos on his own accord. It was a tattoo I’ve been wanting to get for about a year before that. But this time it was him pressing to get it. He happily got it except… he’s hiding the fact that it’s about me from his friends (he isn’t close to his family) He wants to keep it secret that he’s even on speaking terms with me. It’s because they’re all judging me because of how I acted in our last break up. Which is fucked up because they only know about that because he ran his mouth about it to everyone afterwards so it’s his own fault that they’re even judging me. What do I do? I don’t have ways to get in contact with his friends because I’ve never met most of them . So I couldn’t even tell them myself if I wanted to. I feel so unloved and embarrassed
Ps he also does shady things for money . what’s even worse is he thinks I’m dumb and he said it’s not that he’s ashamed of me (which he’s already admitted to) he said for reasons he “can’t tell me” he’d have to kill himself id his friends knew we talked still….
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2022.01.21 22:45 Wesmtbot @jam_croissant: RT @OptionPit: @vixologist @VIXandMore @jam_croissant Some one looking for a fade...after Memorial Day

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2022.01.21 22:45 duncandonuts86 STAT3021 with Yuyuan Wang?

I can't find much info on him. His class is graded on just one midterm (50%) and one final (50%), which makes me nervous about it. Are his tests difficult? Is he a harsh grader?
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2022.01.21 22:45 ArchStanton75 Enough with the annoying narrator who thinks they’re clever

I’d like to briefly highlight two different books where an annoying narrator almost made me rage quit otherwise brilliant concepts. 1. Hail Mary - Andy Weir. I loved The Martian. The protagonist of Hail Mary is like Mark Watney’s hyperactive younger brother desperate to prove he’s just as cool. The story concept is brilliant. Thank goodness Weir introduces a new character just as I was about to give up because that made it so the narrator wasn’t focused exclusively on us. I liked the story. I also spent half of it wanting to smack the narrator. 2. A Fatal Thing Happened on the way to the Forum - Emma Southon. This is a nonfiction book full of amazing historical anecdotes about death in Ancient Rome. Unfortunately, Southon spends so much time trying to convince us of how clever she is with pop culture allusions and jokes that the reader must excavate past the dirt to get to the great finds.
This seems to be a growing trend. Please don’t do this. Can you think of other examples where the narrator almost tossed you out of a great story?
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2022.01.21 22:45 canadian-weed The Waltons - watch tv show streaming online

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2022.01.21 22:45 NOTSiIva A quick question

So I've been playing DQXIS, and I have Eighth. Parallax just does not seem to be proccing. Does Magical Might affect Parallax's paralysis chance? If so, why did they decide to give the only character who can use Parallax a Magical Might of 0?!
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